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Alternatif buat monkey pakai punya msx 125 karena harga setengahnya,padahal sama2 produk morin.Memerlukan sedikit penyesuaian dan wajib pakai open filter dan penurun fender depan.Kalau punya monkey posisi pemasangan tepat di depan head silinder,pasti fungsinya kurang optimal karena angin tertahan ban dan pasti cepat kotor karena buangan dari ban langsung mengenai oil coolernya.

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Kualitas produk yang baik ini sangat mudah dalam pemasangan , juga memiliki cahaya yang terang dan baik

Although the goods are sold also from other shops, a price considers being set up at a low price by it.

It is attachment WR250X.
Since the power source and the signal line were only taken from ECU about attachment, it was comparatively easy.
now -- using it -- it is -- although -- it is better for there to be a tachometer in riding on town riding or touring too.
It is useful also for a fuel consumption run.
By its own vehicles, it has checked that idling setting out was too high.
Although [ like decoration ], it is hard to see a rotational bar display as a not quite satisfactory point.
It cannot be concluded that it is not made the angle was started considerably.
The panel of it and the surface gets damaged easily.
Although it took care and he thought that it worked, the abrasion stuck instantly.
Although it will end if it becomes severe since it seems that there are replacement parts and will exchange.

Structure is also solid and it has as a reserve.

Right [ of the optimal and the fitting ] is carried out to a reserve, and it is 縲?