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since the BMW team of WSBK is also used, it is safe and a style is also simple -- me -- since it was liking, it purchased.
It is that it is possible to stop damage at worst since the distance of a lever can be easily changed with the screw on the lever left as an advantage and also it is a retractable type at the time of a fall.
Attachment is completed without it taking 10 minutes.
use of the retractable lever came out for the first time, like the retractable step of a motorcycle, also at the time, when the lever moved, it was usually imagined, but it has fixed with the bolt in practice and falls till a fall.
Although it is a little uneasy in whether it falls perfectly at the time of a fall, I would like you to finish, if it is being able to do without confirming (^_^;) Although it was good in lightness or a design, in consideration of a little expensive point, it was considered as four stars.

It purchased as an object for exchange of a grand axis.
Purer [ black ] on a photograph.
The bottom is a purchase.
Although attachment is OK, die length is a little short.
Since there was nothing in a conformity vehicle type, it is natural.
Since the hand is small, my furniture is good.
I also want the left.

The position attached simply is also OK! Even if you contribute how many times, tell the reason for a send-off!

The knee became very easy although it was SEROW 250.
It is very recommended.

Test Ogawara

it attaches to Ninja250R -- it did! Attachment is also easy.
Although appearance is also good, when it falls, in order to prevent a lever bending, the axis of a lever is working and this is effective.
(When GOKE [ I / stood and ], only the abrasion of a lever is required by the favor which was functioning perfectly!) The rest is also good to be able to adjust the angle of a lever!

It is used for KLX125.
Although it is high, there is worth of that.
Texture is also very high and an operation feeling is also good.

The cygnus X FI 09 Taiwan sporty was attached and used.
Although the die length of the pure cable was insufficient for the long wheel base, it was canceled with this product.
It is recommended!