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Thanks it respond the model and looks good on my motor, the material is excellent, i think it will last for a long time, easy to install and easy to clean, i hope it can be use for a long time, good price, thanks Kijima & Webike i think i will buy 1 or 2 pcs more for spare.

-- KITACO: -- hose JNT/RED 5-6 product-number: -- 993-0005060 -- merchandise information goods details hose joint (5phi->6phi) RED

Since it is a soft type, durability is not expectable.
Since he wanted to use a pink hose, it was bought, but I thought that it was good with it being a little harder.

It purchased to repair of the [Webike-monitor] original manufacturer's product.
Since it was cheaper than brand-name parts, it was good.

carrying out workability good by moderate softness -- it is

-- DAYTONA:gasoline hose product number: -- 18510 merchandise-information goods details: (inside diameter x outside diameter) -- five phi6xphi10 hose 1-m hose clip [ in overall length ] attached - resisting pressure 1.OMPa * -- the gasoline hose made of a rubber of the dual structure which was excellent in use improper oil resistance and weatherability at the brake fluid.
An inner side realizes high quality for NBR (it excels in gasoline-proof nature), and the outside as a neoprene (it excels in weatherability).

my bike is CB223 and i used Continental Fuel Hose its strong and feel good quiality , there no blocking or leacking problems . Talking about the fiting its easy and tight whevn you need remove from tank easily you can do it there no stuck or freez. i usually drive off roadas and it nver be problems theres no leak even from sharp things. its well lenth on and dont want to cut it , i suggest for every one who rides off roads.

Perfect, quality product that installs easily. After driving with my new tank pmc several kilometers no trace of gasoline leak. Lever control is light.