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Since oil change time came, it purchases in order to also exchange filters simultaneously.
I wanted red ....


It is my first exchange since I got on a new car. I am amazed by NORMALPad with about 30,000 km. Because I attached Red Pad with a different Motorcycle, I decided without comparing with others in particular. I feel that NORMAL's Rotor is bad, but it seems to be bad, but the credibility is better than NORMAL. I do not know Cost performance yet

Honda newly purchased this time - For use with X-ADV
I bought it.

Top case worn by Motorcycle is Large pattern even among GiVi's
Wrecker - OutBack is 58 liters,
You can cover this Cover with some margin.

Because I rid it almost every day by commuting, Strap
Although it seems that Fixed Type was better,
Other than that I think that it is easy to use Body cover.

I exchanged Plug because it exceeded 11000 km. Although it is an impression of about 500 km,
The attachment of Axel at 1500-3000 rpm improved, and the high rotation also turned well
I think. 5 speed 40 km is easier to run. Just 2000-3000 Partial
I feel that the area became irritable, and it became difficult to maintain a little with. I want to increase the vibration...
Because the heat value is not matched, the original Plug may be more comfortable for regular rotation. I am worrying about returning..
Looking at you..

CBR250RR (mc22) I am using it for Front of.
It is a truely effective Brake, introduced with Caliper's Overhaul.
It is satisfactory that I just grasped it in any situation of rainy weather or sunny weather.
Several times I suddenly faced interruptions in the national highway, I had the opportunity to full Brake, but it worked beautifully, it stopped and it was saved.
The price is one step cheaper than other companies' high-performance Pad, good product of Cost performance.
I felt that painting on Pad was a hesitant, but I do not care because it does not concern performance. It is a star 4.
Because Life is busy, I do not know so it is star 4.

I was worried about what to do when Oil Element's replacement time came down I was attracted only by the cheap price and decided to purchase! The performance was good against the price and I was able to do the installation to Smooth.
It was exchange of Oil and Element but it ended in less than 30 minutes!

It is not a product only cheap! It is worth buying.
Next Element will also purchase this item!

Because it is a general Oil Filter, it is not possible either.
There was a case that Ring was not included in the item description, but what is this thing?
Is it thing like Cup for tightening?
The O - ring has been properly assembled and attached.

It is attached to the new CBR 250 RR.

I arrived normally.
DAYTONA 's FOR JAPAN MODEL production out, it is safe to think that it is not cheap, it can be relieved.
I think that exchange is OK every time because it is cheap.

I used GoldenPad for SRX before, but this time, I was dissatisfied with the performance of NORMALPad on Free Way and exchanged it. Because NORMAL is a Scooter on the descending pass, emblem can not be used so I rely on Pad and when I ran to Hard it felt dangerous as I became Spongey Touch. Therefore, although it exchanged, it began to grasp easily control Initial braking is reasonable but braking is also easy to use as you clench strongly. I tried full Brake from 70 to 80 kg, but clearly outperforms NORMAL. With this, I am concerned about feelings

Purchase without complaining anything by being a compatible item.

Especially, although there is no dissatisfaction in performance, it seems that a small hole was empty in the seal Film that stuck to the Filter, but it did not sound even if it shook, so I attached it as it was.

I do not know if all of them are so, but I will mention it once..

Because it is poor, I bought this Pad that I cut a thousand yen (Lol) There is no problem at all on town rides Level. Last time it was RACINGPad, compared to it, the braking distance will be extended, but given the price it is totally there.

We are putting in V-TWIN MAGNA.
Previously, putting it in MAJESTYC, startability improved, fuel efficiency also improved somewhat, so we decided to put it in MAGNA.
As a result, even a slightly warmer driving without Chalk even if the temperature is low I properly Idling.
I think that fuel efficiency has improved somewhat, but when thinking of COSPA it is a subtle improvement.

I knew the numerical Large, but Small.
Back Mirror is important for backward validation.
I doubt the Concept that I made good with this Large Kimono.
And high price.
Right as Original, Left as the product and comparing actual runs.
I was looking for a square one because it is hard to see the PCX 150's Hen Lever shape.
If this is Large, Original is better..
There is no Cover in the mounting part, Bolt - Nut will become raindrops.

The best control is good in Pad that I used to date.
I have used products of similar price range, but Cost performance is high.
My Motorcycle is a Slide pin Caliper, so high performance Pad is not very effective, so I think Pad is suitable for this class. Raindrop braking property changes little, so you can grasp it with confidence.
I will also use this pad next time.