Adopted the same Yellow and Silver Metallic as the Little Cub for the body color, based on the super cub 50 standard of the kick start on the 3rd speed return mission, coloring the leg shield, the side cover, the front cover, the sticker according to the car body color fashionable version.The rear carrier has also been changed to the same small thing as the little cab, and is also equipped with pre-wiring for installing an optional Honda Access alarm kit.In this minor change, the recycle mark was affixed, and accompanying it, the price became 1000 yen higher than tax.

Kapasitas Mesin 49cc
Horsepower Maksimum 4.0ps(2.9kw)/7000rpm
Torsi Maksimum 0.48kg・m(4.7N・m)/4500rpm
Berat Total 79kg
Kapasitas Tangki 4 Liter

27 Produk

Ulasan Produk

i purchase this product for my hybrid ape 150 project, and the quality seems nice. springs are included in the box, and the color of the pads are a little darker than the photo. before purchasing this pad i also read other's review and although i haven't use it for long time i believe in the quality, better than oem. thanks webike for discount and competitive price, maybe i will buy another one for the front brake.

I know that PremiumPlug in this hand has been favorite since WhiteGoldPlug and has an effect, but this time the Plasma booster was installed just before, so its effect is overwhelmingly Large, unfortunately the effect of Iridium plugs I did not understand at all..
"Replace Car Plug with 20,000 kilometers" In the case of SmallEngine Displacement Volume Motorcycle which is heavily used for high revolution, it is clearly noticed even if it is exchanged at 5000 to 10,000 kilos. Although I am not a writer of PlugManufacturer, I recommend you to exchange it frequently. I think that it is also good to choose Iridium plugs if there is room for Gold on that.

When purchasing for the first time for the first time, we purchased Stock as we felt that we felt lightly up and that the price was even cheaper than at the time of purchase at Sale. As it is a consumable item, I also want to purchase it by looking at the opportunity.

Can not install separately Tank in contact with Cowl.
Even if it is turned upside down, it can not attach by interfering with the Chain cover.
Dream with YSS box compatible model (CUB100 THAI) Although it is written, there is no character of CROSS CUB.

Because the suspension length is about the same, the seller (Webike) Have you put CROSSCUB into a car type that is arbitrary?

Purchase for regular Maintenance, is not possible, it is Brand of trust without fidelity. Exchanging from an old Plug improves startability
I also have Iridium plugs, but I think that StandardPlug is the best as it seems that there is also compatibility and compatibility

After replacing with 8000 km running, it is impression of about 200 km running. Startability and fuel economy did not change compared to ordinary Plug, but I felt acceleration and Power slightly up. It is not expensive and it is a single cylinder so I will try Windshield IRIDIUM the next time I exchange it.

Since it is only one in a single cylinder, it is not expensive even if it is exchanged, which leads to self satisfaction w
I do not understand the honest effect at all ...
Easy to replace in a single cylinder, more durable than NORMAL is satisfactory.

As periodic exchange Parts, this time I tried to Windshield IRIDIUM.
Spark concentrates due to the thin center electrode, the explosion efficiency is large - - - - It is familiar with the touch of being called.

It will be a comparison between exhausted Standard Plug BP 5 HA and the new Windshield IRIDIUM so it is natural that it will be better

What I was particularly noticed is Startup Up.
Conventional = "Kyukyu - - Brun "
This time = "Q - - Brun! "This change is pleasing.

Torque up, fuel economy up, to high rpm
I have various opinions, but it got better
Speaking of feeling, I feel like that.
I wonder if it is Brush - Bo - - - ?

It is cheap Items in a single cylinder, with a light feeling
1Rank It might be good to take in high quality Parts.

MainMotorcycle (850cc) And 2 strikes (250cc) Also
I will use Windshield IRIDIUM. Recommendation!