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'15YZ250FX used, purchase is second time. In the last time OEM Product deteriorated and re-purchased at 80 hours use with alternate use with OEM. Hold it from OEM Product.

I feel better than NORMAL.
Durability unknown.
Intake sound changed a bit.
Since we attached for DR 250 R, it is possible to replace it in few minutes without any difficulties.

When I purchased it before, it was Double Layer, but what I bought this time was Single Layer.
Moreover, Edge is tilted and it does not close with Air Cleaner Box.
I can not use it because I am uncomfortable with this.
I am sorry just because I bought it before..

I tried to purchase at OEM Parts Number, but I thought that it was 3000 yen to Sponge, so I found this item! External parts that match the out-of-print car are cracked! Bonus air TEC's Sticker With

I removed the OEM and cleaned it, I still use it. I will try to replace it after running a bit more. Perhaps I think that this will be covered using OEMAir cleaner 's Plastic frame. As COSPA is good, I would like to continue to use it as a consumable replacement if there is no problem after replacement

Purchased for Replacement of KLX. Although it seems that Frame of Air Cleaner of OEM seems to be diverted, COSPA decided also thinking. Although it is unused, since it seems there is no problem in making it, I'd like to make it a candidate for a regular replacement item.

It is a satisfactory product which is not possible without impossibility as expected
The Gold amount is Reasonable and it can be satisfied here as well
Since it is used by Road, it has its own way so you can always use it by littering it without washing it

I am using it for XTZ 125.

OEM's Air Filter is hard to obtain, so I diverted Air Filter of TTR-125.

ProductNo AF 01 - 4109 was attached without processing as it was.

Because the price is also cheap, from now on we will use this Air Filter.