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the hand guard collide with the windshield at the end turning. And there is a lot of free-play not fixed as firm as I expected. I then have to remove it to change another one!

This product is thick enough not to distort by wind pressure
Because the protection Film was in the state
The impression of quality was good.
Foreign products are rich in many things ...

Although windproof, it is the shape that the running wind hits the index finger while holding the Grip.
Because I am away from Grip, there is winds involved, but I think that the effect was good.

Grip heater, electrothermal Gloves, Handlebar Coveretc.
I wish I could be one of combinations and options.

Since the part which becomes outside the car body with replacing NORMAL part is only big Large, I think that Clearance at the time of Full Stare is no problem, but people who are changing Screen or Handlebar need Small workmanship It may be.
I am changing both, but I just finely adjusted.

Searching for z1000's Single Seat I got to the item here. The shape was good, and coloring did not seem incompatible with the color of the car body. I feel a sense of unity with the body and I'm in a lot of fluctuations. It was also a delivery date, but it seemed that it took a month for painted finished goods when ordering but actually arrived in about 3 weeks.

In the Z1000, although it is a Tandem seat close to Single Seat even at OEM, after all, I am concerned about the color difference with Cowl.

Looking for Cool Design's Single Seat with the same color as OEM, this BodyStyle is the only one.

Installation does not require any special processing.
Compared to OEM, it is a little bit hard at the time of installation, just wearing it slightly lightly while wearing it all the way.
Since Sponge is also included, it seems to be unable to hurt when installed. (Sponge sticks to Rear frame ahead of Seat Cowl)

It matches best with the style of Z1000 and the coloring is exactly the same as the OEM color, and there is no discomfort.
This stereoscopic style is truly made in Europe!
Considering that you do not have to paint, this is cheap.