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Anny's merupakan produsen sparepart unggul untuk motor Kawasaki Z series. Produk Anny's seperti knalpot, sparepart bahan carbon dan berbagai macam jok motor yang dapat membuat performa motor Anda meningkat dengan tampilan yang klasik.

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Strong quality brackets. Fitted my Australian model Zephyr 1100 no problem. Mounted the posh ssmall indicators i also bought from webike.

Although he is dramatically smart in appearance and it is items motivated considerably, if it becomes 60 K or more of situation plugs, a wind will hit eyes directly as other people are said.
It becomes a run while he sheds tears.
Although it cannot say having clarified since the comparison with normal had not been carried out yet, a quite severe situation is predicted on a highway.
Probably, the running wind probably wound up from under a helmet is the cause, since a wind enters even if it closes the shutter which takes in the open air of the month.
Moreover, although the point of the thin wire being contained in the deep pool of the guard upper part, and being united with the form of a nose can be evaluated, since a shield becomes cloudy in about 10 seconds after a stop by the waiting for a signal, the guard to the extent that it can be called a breath guard cannot expect.
Since attachment is very easy and it is only substituting for normal, it may also be one hand not to be not much greatly and to bring at the time of touring.
the topic of the talk -- probably, it will be better to think on the level to say.
Since the design is considerably pleasing individually, it is due to continue use it.

It is comfortable and easy to remove at night and stormy weather.
You can also superimpose Clear on Base
Since Mirror enters one piece, I feel that it is rather expensive, so I think that is a necessary examination.

According to RT33R, I got it in a slightly restricted mood.
Because I am using RT33R, I thought about Balance, but it is still weak (Lol)
I got a hand in Collaboration model

I am still in the room but I think it's good. Because it is for OGK kabutoAeroBraid 3 it is natural but it was Exactly. I want to run quickly.

Hitting the head on the guard rail with the high SIDE, Helmet became a beak and lost consciousness, but it never died
I had a hole in my head by surgery and I was hospitalized for 2 months

Have you bought the same Helmet and resurrected?

My helmet did not fit as it should, got it from a local store where I live. I was so happy when I came across the OGK AEROBLADE-III Cheek Pad Set on Web!ke. They where the correct product what I ordered and fitted my helmet properly. They where a reasonable price, easy to process checkout and they arrived in about a week. I ordered on a Friday so only took 5 working days which I was happy with considering international shipping.

It is a replacement from SHOEIZ 6, XR 1100.
Compared to these two, it's a good deal.
As light as Z6, I feel no resistance to wind than XR 1100.
Desorption of Shield is easier than SHOEI.
It's comfortable to wear, it's still only for winter use, but it seems to be comfortable even in the summer.
Ventilation works well, Cover is Large so you can easily operate it while driving.

Compared to SHOEI, the opening angle of the shield is small, and even if it is fully opened, it comes into sight.
I can not open it for a while.
Even while traveling with full closure, because the upper part of the opening of Shield is narrower than SHOEI, the boundary between the end of the shield and Pin Lock Seat comes into view and comes to mind.
If we can improve our vision, there will be no reason to choose SHOEI. (I have never used ARAI. )
Since it is a feeling of use at R1, upper body occurs NAKEDetc. Well, I'd like to recommend.