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I attached it to KTM 250 DUKE, but I got used to removing the existing Exhaust System.
It is Sound of Nakanaka even in Baffle installation state.

Straight exhaust with DB killer is good in steady running, but opening Throttle is Race ish, but it's noisy ~ It's too noisy for me that's blown up. Loud touring makes me tired.
Well, the accuracy of the product is truly IXIL. There is no deviation such as hole Gap, installation is completed without difficulty. There is also a hard Exhaust System in it!
Regarding the volume, this Exhaust System is equipped with a multistage inflatable DB killer, the volume and sound quality are very easy to ride with Gentle, and I am very concerned with the easy-to-handle Exhaust System.

Planar 's Exhaust System I thought to buy was sold out,
Purchase this product which looks similar.
Slip-on Silencer It was quite expensive as I wrote it.
I thought that it was made overseas and it is such a thing
Pipe is also attached w
I guess that's quite a bargain !?
After all it looks pretty cool.
Weather is bad for a while so install it and drive later

I changed the Exhaust System I wanted to change from before

MT - 09 was under the belly and the Exhaust System was completed and liked Refreshing Design, so I dismiss things that the Exhaust System stretches behind the OEM

Furthermore, when Silencer under the abdomen disappeared, it seemed that the belly seemed to be lonely so I searched for an undergrowth of Silencer

Then it will be AXIS Rapo or Leo Binch, but if you are looking for someone who does not suffer because they are wearing AXIS Rapo, Leo Vinci, Arrow and others around you, Minor, Spain's Manufacturer called IXIL is a Silencer under your abdomen I seemed to be unable to cover anyone with

I think that it is Japan's first in MT-09 (Lol)

IXIL is a 3-2-1 set with Balance Pipe attached

The result is not bad, but I feel a bit of accuracy is sweet

The finish of details is sweet (BALI, Garbage inside EX Mani) There is no problem if you finish it yourself

I do not have an Instruction Manual, but since there are only parts that can be found immediately after provisional alignment, installation does not have any difficulty
However, four Aluminum colors considered unnecessary and Bolt of Inch size are Quantity : 1pc. Since there was no usable part even if it was provisionally adjusted, I ignored Aluminum's Color and Bolt (Lol)

Two kinds of Baffle are included, and the person who mutes the most is a bit slightly larger than OEM + α
Another Baffle is a bit somewhat annoying feeling
Without Baffle is an explosive (Lol)

The sound quality is a feeling that the dose is effective bass, but turning it will turn into a dry high tone

Since Silencer is not a straight structure, there is neither After Fire A nor Gud weight Gap seems to be intense

The extremely low speed Torque got narrowed down, but with doning decreased, it became easy to ride

Also, as it got lighter,. In the case of, the feeling of shimmer increases and Corner is easy

I wanted to hear a cuddly sound and it turned to it, it seems that fuel economy will deteriorate (Lol)

Screw hole of Exhaust pipeBolt is considerably misaligned, it will not be usable as it is. Screw broke inside Scylko Cylinder head forcibly. I managed to remove it, but I felt it was terrible.
I would like you to exchange or return Gold. It was a regrettable change because it was a compatible model.
In this case it would be better to buy around WirusWin. Individual difference probably is too bad.