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Of course I will lose to Cowl and others, but I think that a satisfactory rectification effect was obtained with a compact Screen.
Specifically, the cruising speed on the expressway has stabilized at NORMAL.
Although the price stretches, the shape is unique and satisfies ownership desire.

In the future I would like to consider Bikini cowl and Semi-cowl, but now I still have few choices and it was a pretty hesitant choice.
You can also take advantage of NORMAL's appearance, it is a very satisfying item.
If the price drops a little more, there is nothing to say.

Instead of Exactly the position of the hole to insert Screw gaps slightly, but it is not bad because it looks like OEMParts, familiar with Motorcycle.

MT-07 So without a shield is cool but I wanted to relieve the wind pressure by everyday commuting, it was expensive but it was expensive but it looked like Barracuda so it was Large Correct Answer. The effect became easier to run many times than without Shield and Style was also not incongruous so the feelings I wanted to ride more than before increased. I installed it in 20 minutes because I am a dexterous person so much less trouble. Parenthesis Choose by priority!

Compared to OEM's Blinker, it's quite small so I did Refreshing around the Front. There are fewer things that get caught when you play Cover, nor do you get caught. It looks Cool, visibility also complains.
Although it is hard to understand in the picture, the root of Blinker is softened, and when it puts some power, it turns Guigna. Is it possible to prevent breakage when falling down? It is unclear how much Torque should be tightened. I do not think there will be anything wrong with the vibration during running.
It is slightly expensive, but Design that is not too bad is good..

Looking for a good Screen and looking for ... ... Results It was a correct answer. It also tightens its appearance, feeling good without damaging the original design.
Windproof effect may not be so much, but overall it is satisfactory.

Body is Refreshing Design with Material : Picking attracted to the place called Aluminum

There is also light intensity, enough visibility

For installation, we installed the DRC Flasher holder plate with the hole expanded in for M 10

Blinker is satisfied with Refreshing