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Sparepart, aksesoris, apparel resmi BMW hadir dengan kualitas, tekstur, fungsionalitas dan performa yang juara.

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There is only OEM Product and Quality is also good and expensive, but installation Bracketetc. It is a little troublesome to have to transplant from OEMTandem seat. Would you like Bracket also attached at this price?

It is OEM Parts Number, but it is not a compatible model, so it was necessary to process, because installation of Bar End is thicker than compatible models, it is necessary to cut the side that enters into the Bar End of the aluminum column because of the processing to expand the hole of the attached aluminum collar. did.

I got the GoldImpression the other day,
I bought it at that point.

It is an exchange from OEMStandard's PlasticCap.

My RnineT Racer
I replaced it with 2 VolveCylinder head cover,
It became a tightened impression more than the Standard Pur Cap, It is very cool.

About the installation method, Instruction Manual etc etc are not attached,
Attach attached Packing to Cap
Just exchange it with StandardCap.

Also, you can not open and close without the included Torque,
Let's do it with the on-board tool.

2ValveCylinder head cover, of course,
I think OEMHead cover will suit you as well.
Because it is Afford Double Parts,
How about one point of nineT.

- I first used it for 200KM Touring.
Functionality - - - Ventilation, InnerSun visor, Buckle, - - - I was able to convince enough.
At this price this function is a hit.
I do not want to be that, but I do not know about safety in the unlikely event - - -.

Purchased for SubLicense OffLoader. Simple that Design is also comfortable at a low price.

I thought that it is heavier as it has Inner Visor but it is lighter and better impression than I expected.

The lining is proportional and Tight.. Although I purchased M Size, the sense of fit is equivalent to M Size of Arai, etc.. So some people may be good at One size Large.

I'm happy to give Pin Lock Seat free if I send the attached postcard. This Helmet uses the Goggles with removing the Shield, but since it is UniversalSeat just paste it I diverted it to other Helmet.

Mounting on YJ-17 ZENITH-P
Originally I used PINL ◯ CKShield as it was used, but as the adhesion strength fell in about a year and a half and gaps became possible in Shield, I tried to replace it, in any case I thought to try FOGWIN

Below, comparison with PINL ◯ CK

PINL ◯ CK is more Pin and its position is determined so you do not have to worry
FOGWIN is a little troublesome to paste alone
I asked my bride to spread the Shield and pasted it
Positioning is not difficult as Template can be applied as a guide, but if you look at workability simply PINL ◯ CK is better
Instead, FOGWIN is free to some extent at the pasting position, so it is better to choose a person with a forward tilt upwards, a person with an upper body awake lower, and so on
Although it seems that it interferes when opening and closing the Shield when attached to the eyes too much, it did not interfere with the part installed at the same height as PINL ◯ CK

【Adhesion strength】
Obviously above PINL ◯ CK (Naturally)
I have not peeled off yet, but it seems quite Large seems to peel off

【Performance - function】
None above or below PINL ◯ CK
Antifogging performance will not change at all
There is information that there is irregular reflection saying, but there is also no difference between PINL ◯ CK and Large

I think that there is no performance difference with PINL ◯ CK at all
Because the price is almost the same, I wonder if you can choose whichever you like
However, since PINL ◯ CK can not be installed unless it is a compatible Shield, people using non-compliant Shields are unnecessary and here

As to how long it will last, I'd like to use it for a while
I'm happy to have 2 Season
Once, that part (Durable) Because I am unknown, I am decreasing one star
There are no dissatisfaction points at the moment

In the coming season, the shield's cloudiness is a problem that can not be neglected in terms of both Stress and safety
If you are using a PINL ◯ CK compliant Shield, we recommend that you install FOGWIN

Helmet attached to wins x-road.

There is no particular inconvenience about installation.

I think it is because it is an off-road helmet, but I hear a lot of noise because of the Wind Cutting sound.

Is it possible to hear without a full face helmet?.

Design is unlikely and impossible.
In this price range, I think that I buy Off Hell with Inner Visor because it has only a certain domestic product.
I am glad that I can receive a defogging shield with the attached postcard.
Since I do not have a handle, I am enjoying it for my own simple Simple.

As for Design I liked even if the overall shape was more aggressive shape closer to Off-road.
Since Chin curtain is sold separately, I think that it is good to have Standard Equipment.