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BOLZEN menawarkan beragam baut motor yang diproses secara mutakhir dengan desain yang menawan. Baut BOLZEN memberikan kesan mewah pada motor Anda.

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The product here will not be the optimal if absolute rigidity wants.
The product here will not be the optimal if absolute lightweight nature is wanted.
If priority is given to the former engine performance, chromoly steel or the raw material of a titanium alloy should become the optimal.
If priority is given to the latter engine performance, the raw material of an aluminum alloy should become the optimal.
The predominance point of the product here could say the bolt of a familiar stainless raw material also to whom as the excellent piece which adhered to modeling by thoroughly!!!

I used isa's Bolt for the first time, is not it.
Texture, no complaints. It's Shiningly and One Point.
Processing accuracy etc.. , Considering also the amount of gold when considering it.
I'd like to exchange for hanghang in the future.

Than seeing in the picture, the real thing, I go to the Impact, I thought, Well, still more than any other Manufacturer's, Bolt, it is all right, I do not see anything else good.

Although I have not installed it yet, I have not seen it, I made it very good, I made it quite a while, I can not go watching it, I am really excited to install from now.

When changing Master Cylinder to bremboRCS, I will remove Panzol Bolt, but because Panel Bolt is a corner, I changed it to ISA's Panjiol Bolt. Invisible place, Material : There is a sense of security unlike Aluminum. I'm immersed in a self-satisfied world. I have a torque wrench for that, but there is no growth "Snap" It will be tightened.
It is likely to fit more and more to 64Titanium.

I replaced the NSR 80's Front brake caliper, so I chose this as the Support Bolt.
Fork side Stay bolt uses Titanium Bolt from the beginning, but the item in Bolzen's Package of images is iron Truss type Bolt used for Caliper side before replacement.
Actually, I used this iron made Bolt for Brembo caliper and I have had many experiences that I always lick it when I remove it. Perhaps Caliper I think that it is caused by heat and rust, which is caused by sticking.
So I searched for Stainless bolt at home center, Motorcycle Parts mass retailer, etc. so that it would not be such a thing, there was nothing in stock that was just right with Cap bolt and ordinary Hexagon Bolt.

But I found it! This BolzenBolt - - -

Design was also Flange type, the texture was very good, we had a hole for Wiring and it was exactly as I imagined as I could finely select Bolt length. In addition, Stainless bolt has more weight than iron, because of its nature, this BolzenBolt can not be overlooked, as it has a hole for Penetrating at the center of Bolt and it is lighter than normal Stainless bolt. The image is a place where I tried Wiring with good feeling immediately.
At last only a single point was sorry that there was no Logo that should be in Bolt's dent. Other than that I am very satisfied..

I purchased Bolten 's Bolt the other day and replaced it with my favorite car Bolt.
Hold on.
Appearance highest, 120% finish, impressed
It is a lot purchase!
It changes considerably with Bolt single exchange ~ (^o^)
Buy Wei Bolzen!

The other day again
We bought BolzenNut with Big!
Until now various Flange nut
Did you look for it?
BolzenNut is a part of Flange
It is very large and wide
Ease of use is preeminent!
Because the finish is also beautiful 120%
It is recommended!

We will recommend Bolzen purchase with Wa Big!