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This headlight is the perfect upgrade for the original sealed beam on the Kawasaki Z1. It fitted straight in the original shell.

I am very happy to see.
There was a lot of coarse parts on the streets of Impre of other people. I am using LED Bulb, but it seems that OEM's Lens seems to have better way of scattering light. Since it rarely runs at night, it will not be bothered until then, but I will try to adjust it soon.

Is it the best choice when you do not want to combine Multi-reflector?
It is a matter of the future what correspondence to the automobile inspection is a problem, but it will only do the hard work which does not change for those who are putting cheap LEDHeadlight Bulb.

There seems to be some people who do not understand how to assemble, but whether there are places to worry about ???

Very well made, fits on factory brackets withouth problems, all the holes for screws are on the right place, happy wizh my purchase.

Very pleased with this head light. Easy installation. Much better lighting then the stock unit. Looks great on the bike.

It's after Bly TEC Multi-reflector.
Literally "Plating is peeling".
Before exchanging PilotValve for LED and Headlight for HID, I used PilotValve, Halogen, so it may be due to heat, but part of Plating is peeling off. (The upper part of Valve is remarkable)
There is no problem at present for use, but I am a little worried. (I do not do much at night)

I rearranged the company's Headlight unit.
The previous Unit was partially melted by the heat of Multi - reflector or H4, but ...
The reason for re-purchasing is because I saw the information that it is compatible with HID and LED.
I tried combining with the LED this time, but it seems that light gathering is pretty good!
I do not want to use it in combination with H4, but for people who are considering combinations with HID and LED, it is recommended!

Since there is no assembly instruction manual, it may be difficult without knowledge.
Distribution is no problem.
Position bulb - Socket and H4 Bulb comes with saved.
GRASS TRACKER BIGBOY seems that Size is slightly larger than Size.