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Bull King Exhaust

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Because the juniors used it, it seemed very useful, so I bought it (Lol)

Large Small Two holes are empty, Small hole is tightened with Bolt. The Large pit is such that Tie Down Belt's S hook enters.
*Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. is.

I think that the material is probably Stainless Steel, but it is reasonable in thickness and strong. It does not deform even if pulled with Tie Down Belt.

The attached vehicle is WR 250 R.
Like the image image of the product, Bolt in the middle of Front fork (See photo) Exactly matched to.

I think that there are many people who use it as a fixing for loading on the Transporter, but it is also convenient at times like this.
For example, when loading Motorcycle into a car with a low ceiling, there is a difficulty in loading because the height of the motorcycle is high?
I think that some people are struggling by loosening the Handlebar or replacing it with a Small Wheel.

If you use this product, you can easily sink the Fork by hanging Tie Down Belt on Ring and Axle Shaft and it will be easier Yo (ω - )

In my case, it is loaded on the 100 series High ace I bought in second hand.
I bought this product before delivering High ace, attached it to Motorcycle and simulated and played ♪
And when delivering High ace, I entered Limit even if I did not submerge Fork - -
Moreover, it was fixed to Tie Down on Handlebar and it was fixed without problem, it turned out sad that it is now being removed now ('; Ω; `)

I wonder if anyone will give up to those in need (Lol)

Easy installation!
Price Reasonable!
I did not know that there are such useful items.
It is perfect item to load without damaging your car.