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CLEVER LIGHT menyediakan aksesoris motor khususnya untuk olahraga balap, seperti tire warmer, lap timer, pelindung, lever guard, handle dan masih banyak lagi.

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Its almost impossible to find a good looking replacement tank cap for the zephyr 750 but luckily there is the ZIIX. Its good quality and gives a cool race look for not a lot of money. Good purchase!

the friend has -- merit -- since that was right, it purchased.
Touch merit that's right seen although use had not been carried out yet.
I think that good shopping was carried out.

Purchase required for traveling Circuit. I am satisfied with the function I was looking for! I would like to improve about the point that there is no Waterproof function to Body although it has the Waterproof function of Sensor part!

Carbon Style's Tank cap has deteriorated and comes off, so Material : I bought Cap of Aluminum.
Appearance Design ? Reasons why prices were cheaper than other companies.
It's hot when it's hot and it does not touch with bare hands.

Bundled Packing is thick, and the attached Bolt can not be installed short.
Even if I use alternative Bolt 4 M dish Bolt does not sell long legs.
Cut the Rubber board of half thickness unavoidably
My own packing.
Although I could barely install it,
Parenthesis is bad at a state where it falls dented slightly below the tank surface.

Packing too thick for our bad dish Bolt.
I can hardly imagine that we are conforming to the vehicle properly.
We do not want to sell only with the general adaptation that Universal will work if it is a conventional Exclusive HONDA Motorcycle Tank cap.
Manufacturer's correspondence is not good either.
No reply from Wei Big !!!

In conclusion I just want to rub the knees.
I switched from NAKED to SS, the opportunity to get on and passion fell down, but I want to rub the knees.
Since Knee is a resistance to fluffy, I feel that Limit is safe in this case. Two times the thickness of likely leather bread de FaultSensor is likely
I expected to have.

There is almost no error from GPSData logger and visibility is high, and Barge and performance are satisfied with respect to Body and performance.
Body installation Included Parts : Without using Bracket, we processed the T-shaped trunk number of about 100 yen at home center, shared it with Meter fixed Bolt and fixed it with face Tape so it is super easy.
However, it seems that installation of the sensor to the SSMotorcycle requires one device. At Home center I found a Bracket that conforms to the shape of Under Cowl and I thought that the code also brought me to Meter along the Side stands sensor code, but when I tried running, the Sensor was pretty much in Left turning I was scraped.. Still it works, but Right Side is close to the lunch box catalyzer, and if you can scrape the Sensor any further, it might be bad if you need to cut Cowl somewhat?

I wore it in a leather bread for Touring.
Velcro of SensorBase cuts out the portion where the Large has been destroyed.

I would like to try durability by wearing it also in the Racing suit and running Circuit!

I thought that it would be in time for the Race in early December, first ordered the STD Type, but I bought this product at the end after having troubled with Manufacturer missing item, due date undecided.
It is a price nearly double the STD Type in price, so I was worried quite a bit but I think that it was a correct answer as a result.
The reason is that it is more convenient than you thought that you can set the temperature, it is more convenient than you thought to use it, simply by warming the Tire to a higher temperature, the internal pressure rises too much until it calms down to the temperature at the time of traveling and Tire grips However, even in the case of bouncing, by setting it to a slightly higher temperature than the Tire temperature during running, it is possible to bring the state close to the temperature and internal pressure in a state where the feeling during traveling is good, so there is no discomfort in the feel of Tire from A Trap It is possible to drive.
The warming speed of Tire is also faster than STD Type, and the temperature is also displayed in Real time because Tire's warming condition can be visually confirmed.
Running by warming up the Tire in the initial cold period, if the purpose was only to reduce the initial fall over Risk, the cheap STD Type price was enough, setting by Tire temperature control is possible , Since the effect was able to be experienced, I think that it was the correct answer to this type even if there was a huge price difference between Standard and Large as a result.