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CR-1 unggul dalam memoles body dan parts sepeda motor hingga helm. Kain poles CR-1 mampu membabat habis debu membandel pada sepeda motor Anda dan membuatnya berkilau.

( 1755 Ulasan)


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Ulasan Produk CR-1

I tried to buy it because it looked like it was White.

As described in the item description, I first tried to wipe the Wheel where Brake dust and Chain oil flew away.

Naturally, dirt adheres to the wiped Dustcloth, but after this is amazing!
Dust cloth became beautiful just by lightly washing fir with water!
Even if I say "fir wash", it is the degree that I really lightly lost 3 or 4 times fir. Rinse it rather than wash it. (Rinse) The expression may be more correct. Is strange.

It was too strange and the face was White, so I went to the Motorcycle fellow and said, "Look at your wife. Dustcloth so dirty, just how lightly rinsed - - - It became beautiful like this! ", It was exciting at the CM game of mail order sales (Lol)

I bought two for the dirty part and for the beautiful exterior, but Quantity : 1pc. Was enough.
So I decided to use it properly for Road motorcycle and Off-road motorcycle.

Since it was the same as the original manufacturer's product, it was able to use in comfort.
Since attachment is also only exchanged, it is easy.

The famous leading circuit in the Ore rouge world is Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.

Since only purchase town riding had carried out here since it was too soft in normal suspension, but higher vehicle adjustment was completed, it was pleased.
It was profitable when considering the price, since pre-road adjustment was also possible.
It is not necessarily simply likely to change substantially efficiently.

It attached to the presscab.
Light diffuses and the focus does not suit.
Since the newspaper is delivered, now, it cannot use.
It returned and attached only the attached bulb.
It is a high bulb.

The presscab was attached and used.
HI and LO switch became reverse that that of normal was used for the socket as it was.
I think that light diffuses and the focus does not suit and that a valve position probably passes in a front.
It seems that an attached bulb is the best for a normal light.
After all, it is high shopping.

A nostalgic fashion is also the merit of the monkey although it is not a muffler out of which quick Power is likely to come.
even if it will seemingly be pure -- very much -- why -- !. The exhaust sound is solid in it being unexpected.

I want you to carry out the adjustment method of a chain slider somehow or other.