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-- DUNLOP dunlop: -- rim band product number: -- 151499 size: -- the 22-21 wide use -- -- DUNLOP dunlop: -- rim band product number: -- 151507 size: -- the 25-19 wide use

It equipped simultaneously with the tire change of super cub 90 and RIA.
Tires are michelin M45 and size 2.75.
From the usual rear tire (2.50), since it is on a one size, it becomes the tube here.
The recommend of the simultaneous exchange is carried out.

Since the dunlop sells, I think that it is quality.
Since domestic and an international standard are also acquired, it is a product which can be used in comfort.
Having bent is the feature so that L type bulb may tend to put air also into a byway wheel.
By the usual bulb, when it is hard to put in air, if it exchanges for L type bulb, it will become easy to put in air.
Although it is higher than the price-busters article of a home center, since quality does not have a problem at a low price than are pure and buying it, either, it is recommended.

It is a tube for [Webike-monitor] motocrosses.
It used for RIA of CRF250.
Since an authentic positive one is a dunlop, it is safe.
Since a price is also comparatively cheap, I think that it is good.

Especially since it is parts not appearing, it does not understand, but it can use ordinarily.
It is satisfactory at all.
It is a recommend.

I have bought this tire for for install it on my Honda Jazz 50 bike. Honda recommends this model for replacement. I have found product very fast using search by moto. I haven't seen no problem with ordering and purchasing. Everything are clear for me. Parcel came very fast I hopeed to get it one month after and got it thru the week. The tire in the exelent condition and wery good quality as expected. I used similar tire before and can say it very relable think. My recomendation is - buy and use. I very glad of purchasing process. Thanks Web bike team!

It is quite hard Tire from the beginning. Gold amount is cheap so I can not ask for it, but I think that it is not a Tire that runs on Sports. It is hard. I think Tire Tire.

Both Front tire and Rear tire of VOLTY became Lock tie, Dual Par Pass.
TRIALs UniversalTire.
Both are Dunlop and I do not think that Balance is going wrong. https : / / t. co / PkmVlAbJui