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EDWIN merupakan brand denim ternama asal Jepang yang dikenal menggunakan bahan ekslusif dan teknologi canggih dalam proses produksinya untuk menjaga originalitas dan kualitas produk. Riding jeans EDWIN sangatlah direkomendasikan bagi rider yang ingin tampil casual dan trendi.

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It is getting colder and ordinary Jeans is severe, so I thought that cold should be done a little, but I am pleased that it is more than I expected. It is made to shut off the outside air, and using Inner is not cold at all. Since appearance is also ordinary Jeans, you can wear it as a casual wear without discomfort.

He bought it in order to attach sanyo gorilla NV-SB541DT to Kawasaki ZRX Daeg.
Since the mounter has broken when it is also disagreeable to buy a cheap thing and to be disappointed and a mobile phone is mounted also although many things were considered.
It is ~~ which spurted this time and bought the thing of the sygn house so that it might not become cheap things waste money! The mount of the sygn house has parted from A parts, B parts, and C parts.
Respectively, there are M-5 series and M-8 series.
If the navigation of a certain amount of heavy weight class is attached, M-8 series is recommended.
The difference among M-5 of M-8 should differ in the size of the diameter of ball mount.
M-8 series is recommended to NV-SB541DT.
Incidentally, the diameter of the ball of M-8 series was 23 mm.
B parts are intermediate arms, if they are M-8 series, will not have a choice and will choose B-4.
It is preeminent only to this price, and it is aluminum shaving, and texture has admiration, and is satisfactory.
The spring is taught to inside and it is convenient out of removal or mind.

Although it was the antenna stay of ETC, it used as stay of a video camera.
The video camera was stuck on ETC stay in combination with the base for tank caps of a sygn house.
The measures for safety catches are also taken.
Although there is no telling how be as an object for ETC antennas, it is firm structure by the product made from aluminum.

I used Power cableKit even in the previous car, but I bought a new Power cable 2 again as I changed transfer. I am asking Shop to install at delivery.
Since there are three power supply ports, I think that there is not much to think when considering the extensibility when buying ActionCam etc. from now on. There is of course not Trouble such as charging failure even if it is used.
Although the performance of the product is satisfied, there is only one unhappy point. That is the fixing method when fixing Body to bar is Elastic band. Rubber deteriorated for less than a year at the time of the preceding car, and it became impossible to fix, so I fixed it with Tie Wrap. As usual it is a fixing method by the Elastic band so we want you to consider another fixing method in the future.

Well, I bought it because there are thousands of people using it and the image of the highest peak of the mountain of mountains.

Since I used SYGN HOUSE products for iPhone 5s before, I bought it as a reliable item.

It is a little troublesome to have to put the attached Cushion sheet yourself inside the Mount, but it will be a very nice finish if installed.

Hold power is preeminent, I think that it is very good that it can be adjusted to my favorite angle.

The Cushion sheet tends to be damaged, but it is safe because there is a spare. If it disappears, we can buy it at cheaper prices such as Home center, so we are planning to replace it with that.

Although a little value is stretched, it seems that there is no mistake because it looks luxurious, and it is a solid product.

EDWIN's WILD FIRE 503 has been wearing when riding a Motorcycle. I think that it is suitable for Motorcycle, but still, as the cold became severe it was a cold thigh and I thought that it was a good item.
The front side from the thigh to the knee bottom is doubled with a bag for Protector, so it is stronger in the wind. However, the width of the bag for Protector is narrow, in fact it is not useful for its use.

Thickness to the thigh is normal thickness
Suddenly thinning from around the knees and rising up while riding, the result Pad position shifted to Sheng Large
Therefore it seems better to set it on 1 Size
Winter performance etc.. Is an ordinary WildeFire

I installed it in WR's Normal handle.
I am wearing SYGN HOUSE which is attached to another Motorcycle, so I want to somehow purchase!
Handlebar Guard gets in the way and does not arrive without problems!
Just gaped with vibration during driving.
On the other hand, the other person was arriving so strongly that it did not Gap.
Well, I think that there is no problem if you do not use it gently