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Rivet was also attached and it was easy to exchange. When removing, Carbon's case and Flange were fixed, so it was a bit painful, but it's a nice feeling.

I bought it for Touring at Mini bike.
If you raise the Shield it will be half Hell, when you lower the Shield it will be Jet like both KATANA uses, I am satisfied with the Large change.
However, if you give one difficulty, rain will rain from between Helmet and Shield without mercy on a rainy day, and imaichi usability is bad.
I think that it will be fine if you divide it as FashionHelmet!
I am satisfied personally..

It was the first exchange for exhaust system, so I got a little trouble but it was over in about an hour.
The photo shows temporary fixation when checking for leaks.
Although the sound has not run yet, I feel Idling's feeling as compared with Normal muffler when I was wearing Baffle but I could not feel such a difference, but when I removed Baffle it changed to a sound heard of heavy bass.
It is a loud voice, but it is not too noisy I said that it is not too quiet
I am looking forward to see how I changed because I am going to run from now on!

It is useful as a rock at the place.
But, occasionally it will become rigid with the oil hole in the keyhole, so unless you lubricate it with Silicon spray etc, it will be a funny thing to get in at the place. Since the light also attached to the key, you can easily unlock it at night.

I bought it to revive the Battery of Motorcycle riding for more than 10 years.
Easy to use. Connect to Battery! Insert it in 100V home outlet!
Choose MODE! Let it be over!

Unless Battery is in a good condition,
Half a day will be charged well.
Since Sulfation can also be removed, charge and discharge are repeated
There is a possibility that it will be resurrected even in Battery, it is more wonderful.

Moreover, it seems to be Large sturdy even if it keeps connecting,
If you do not ride for the winter, you can stay live and be lazy.
As if to promote laziness, keep on connecting to Battery
Cable that can also be included. Because it can be easily detached with Coupler,
Even a little supplementary charge is also very easy.

Oh yeah, it will not be a bad thing so, I think that if there is one, Motorcycle life can be sent more assuredly.
Oh, you can also charge the battery Battery.

Seat for GILERA RUNNERVXR 200 RST has been broken, so I bought it.

Size is LL and it is a Universal Product, so Wrinkle is pretty good. A little Seat cover felt that Large was good, but I thought that it was better than Seat getting wet with rain, I'm wearing it.

After a while, it seems that it seems to fit in the shape of Seat, and it seems that Wrinkle has become less.

If it is a Seat cover of the cover type, it will be like this
think. Large satisfaction as Cost performance!

An order for the Long of a Slip-on-muffler Titanium type was placed.<(smile) br> bought since the sound of the
Normal muffler did not eat on a its mind -- it having been anxious since sound had not actually been heard, but.A heavy low especially sounds very much and he likes the sound of 3000~4000 rotation very much! I think that you do not need to care about the worried direction to there since it is a thing that a Long and a Short seldom change when it asks the
Manufacturer.Although it is cheaper than other Manufacturers, it is satisfied with the quality more than its suitability.

The place variously looked for in a Net since the Opti MATE who used it by three four car Motorcycle for about four years broke.By the engine performance equivalent to an Opti MATE, the price found the CEPTOO Trickle battery charger which had come out at abbreviation half the sum, and purchased it immediately.The charge function was OK in a user friendly manner like the Opti MATE.After
is how much to have!