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This Handlebar was safe even if the fall guided by the hand guard bent.
With without Brace, I like the installation of Clamp of Hand guard and Space is easy to secure when attaching Attachment.
It is warning because it will be lost if you do not buy it when there is stock.

Delta 's heat shield plate None To change from Exhaust pipe to PowerBox,
If you buy anything Carbon purchase thinking it will be different.

Material : I bought Carbon parts for the first time
I am surprised at lightness.

Temporarily attach to the installation, Left → middle → Right,
Right's Screw was hard to install
It pushed me down when it pressed down.
When Heat Guard floats, Screw will try to enter diagonally.

Once, Screw has applied the threat Compound.

I have not installed and running
Those who had better than nothing
I wonder if I do not have to burn..
I think that it will insulate.

Because Delta's Exhaust pipe was not attached
Heat is coming through Pants.

I installed a forged Exhaust System on the XG 250 TRICKER. The aim is weight reduction and improvement of handling.
"Handling with Exhaust System exchange?" Although it seems to be, actually the XG 250 TRICKER does not run straight (Especially Second Type Model of FI). Yamaha also acknowledged this fact, and the handling of XG 250 TRICKER is taken to Right is "Because the Right Side is heavy by the Exhaust System" It is the view of YamahaService.
Then, "Let's lighten lightly" Exchange of XG 250 TRICKER The Exhaust System ordered the lightest forging Exhaust System. No exhaust manual is attached to the delivered Exhaust System. Beginner, which requires manuals, is kindness that I do not want you to buy.
As for installation, first remove OEMExhaust System. Removal is HexagonalBolt Quantity : Because 2pc, locked Bond is painted and tightened, it is quite hard. I can not stand tooth in the L-shaped Hexagonal Wrench etc. Apply Extension to a proper Hexagonal WrenchSocket and turn it in LongWrench. Even if you do not remove the Seat, you can replace the Exhaust System. However, considering Bolt's easy-to-tightness and easy-to-install hemorrhoids, it is better if you remove Seat
Also, the connection to the Exhaust pipe is 10 mm Bolt, because this is also deep, attach the Extension to the Socket and remove it. Joint is fairly hard.
The weight of the removed OEMExhaust System is 4. 75kg. Force development Exhaust System includes only 1 connection. 35 kg weight difference 3. 4kg.
Installation is OEM's BoltQuantity : For 2 pc stop, it is only HexagonalBolt 1 pc under Seat. Then stop at the connection with Exhaust pipe. I'm a little uneasy in terms of strength, but I guess this is so light.
Since Exhaust Gasket is hard to enter, spray lubricant and push in here with power work. Bolt tightened to install is Quantity : 2pc. If there is a firm tool, replacement will not take much time.
Try to start immediately. The sound is big as expected. Recent OEM sound is small, so it is quite a comparable volume afterwards. It is a sound with a sense of Pulse if it says often. Speaking badly it's the sound of the engine.
There is no problem for running in Noyama, but in the city area, residential area it is a loud volume. It is better to squeeze Throttle at midnight home and go home idly at the end.
To run a test run. Pickup of engine lucky XG 250 TRICKER improved. In the low GEAR, only the Throttle operation, the Front came to float. Although it is not Power that lifts the Front lightly, Front floats about 20 cm by Axel operation alone. Willy also made it easier.
Idling rotational speed decreases after replacement. In addition, the low speed and medium speed Torque was a little thin, and the fuel consumption was also reduced by 5 to 10%. This is probably due to a blowing-through of the fresh air at the time of ValveOverlap due to a missing Exhaust System. The OEMExhaust System pushes back the escape of fresh air from the exhaust Valve with moderate exhaust pressure. If you would like to know more why fuel economy gets worse, please refer to my site below. http : / / motor. geocities. jp / zzw_uno / page8silencer. h
We expect that the explosion sound and the reduction of Torque at low and medium speed can be improved if devising measures to raise the discharge pressure. Currently, I am running a test by making a One-off Silencer for that. If it goes well, I want to upgrade to the XG250 TRICKER diary, so expect it.

This force Measuring Cup PC-00003 is Material : It is Plastic's 30 cc Cup.

Fluid (Brake fluid) Approximate amount when swapping (30cc) I used it to divide it into Small.

In the case of Fluid, when working with the main lid of the can open, moisture in the air invades and it seems that it will react, so using this powered Measuring Cup PC-00003 several times I use it separately by pouring Small..

It is use of this force manufacturing Measuring Cup PC-00003 to the last as dividing to Small and simple as a guide, but since you can work while grasping the amount of Fluid you are using, you can carry out the work efficiently.

Also, since this capability Measuring Cup PC - 00003 has a lid, I can store O - ring and RingWasherGasket etc in a way not to be dented or scratched inside, or keep the Bullet Terminal terminal and Mini Flat Type Also useful for putting small parts such as Fuse.

This force Measuring Cup PC - 00003 contains Material : Plastic lid is attached and the lid closes tightly but I do not keep liquids thought by any chance.

Material : Since it is Plastic, it is not strong enough, but this powered Measuring Cup PC - 00003 is sufficiently useful as a 30 cc Measuring Cup and it is very inexpensive so purchase multiple items and make Small items etc etc etc etc. It is a very convenient container to classify it.

As for this mechanized Measuring Cup PC - 00003, it is inexpensive because it was lightly sealed so as to put a small thing in it, so this Measuring Cup PC - 00003 has a sufficient function as a Measuring Cup for small quantities As we are doing it will be a product of Recommendation in any case.

Moreover, it is a cheap product so it is very easy to purchase.

I made this power Measuring Cup quotient Product No : PC-00003 <Container Quantity : 2pc. I purchased Set>, but Quantity : 2pc. Set was a bit less, so I'm thinking about buying more on my next shopping.

This powered Measuring Cup quotient Product No : PC-00003 does not transform deformed even when used for Gasoline and its additives and engine oil as well as Brake fluid, and for Lacquer thinner and Parts cleaneretc. It is Measuring Cup which lasts long lasting Large even if it rinses with.


Throttle Cable is a part that always operates, so it is a very big thing part to get on comfortably.
Now that the OEM has been abolished and no parts have come out from Manufacturer, I think this product is very appreciated.
Making - Quality is good, installation and operability are good, there is no problem.
This time it is the second time to buy this product, and now TLM 50 playback is also the second one.

Plug wrench that was included as an on-board tool was not OEM's Eye WrenchType, it was a cylindrical one that is common and could not be accessed by Rear bank Plug, so it seems that OEM Product is also out of stock, so it looks alike I bought this item.

Removed MaintenanceLid, Plug exchange of both Front and Rear was done.
If you are on-board, you are safe even on the road.
It also becomes Driver's Handlebar.
By the way it is MC21.

carburetor "SEROW" To Tadao SP "POWER BOX Exhaust pipe" The
Because it does not fit in NORMALGuard at the time of installation - - - not
Although it is FISEROW, I want to put out personality and Material : Carbon Style's
Heat Guard tried (^. ^)y-.. o ○

Another effect is that even if there is little hit to the inner calves
I wonder if it should be fewer
really "a little" However, if you say improvement, it is improvement (Lol)

Because the excavation pipe also became iron → Stainless
Cover also evolved from iron to Carbon ~ ♪

As expected, it looks like Large thing (*^_^*)

It was a red Red Anodized, but it was Red that was thin like sunburn.

It may be wide and the width of the hexagon may be wide, but I can not satisfy the shading color.