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FIRSTRACING menyediakan riding gear yang sangat responsif terhadap pergerakan-pergerakan yang intens selama Anda memacu motor pada kecepatan tinggi. Riding gear FIRSTRACING memiliki performa luar biasa dengan 3D cutting berdasarkan postur berkendara. Riding gear FIRSTRACING juga terbuat dari bahan spandex yang sangat melar sehingga Anda dapat bergerak bebas. Anda juga dapat memasangkan TPR protector di bagian yang rawan benturan saat terjatuh.

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Convenient Boots bag to carry or store of Boots.
Front is out opening Large listen easy.
Easy opening Loop with even while Gloves.
VentilationPanel escape of moisture.

Exactly this street !!
DRC Dearcie Boots bag stuff is made more than!
Large I am crazy and using it.

It is a feeling that a mounting hole is open on just a board w

Because the Upper Cowl is the Other Company Product, the position of the hole was slightly different, but the neighborhood can be easily adjusted.

I think that there is no problem for the parts to be used because the price is cheap, but if you want Quality like OEM it would be better to make it different product.

It compared pure, or it was thin, and it becomes, and processed and attached [ the hole position of attachment did not meet fluently, either and ] with the File. Is it unavoidable, considering a price?

It attached to TZR50. If
> attachment has a common tool, it will consider [ that anyone can attach and ].

It was dramatically cheap, and since it was handy, it purchased. Although it was somewhat softer than the pure Screen, since it was not a Motorcycle out of which so quick a Speed comes, it did not bend during the run. I think that I will purchase the goods here also when replacing the Screen attached now [

It is recommended when the pure Screen is dirty, since a price is also dramatically cheap and attachment is also easy.

A color is touch good with the Smoke of a thin Brown. The
price is also cheap and is a handy Screen.
Since there was merely some hole Gap, it is evaluation of *4.

It does not showy-pass over the seen touch, it is not too modest, and is good touch! The hole location also suited the pure cowl well! Since it is thinning like thickness of a raw material, carry out touch suitable for a race, and also on a street enough,
Furthermore, since it is 50 cc, there seems to be no problem!! A little color is very pleasing by touch that purple is mixed!!