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GENTOS memiliki konsep ""Produk Esensial untuk Kehidupan"". GENTOS menyediaikan senter, lentera, dan produk-produk keseharian dan kebutuhan outdoor lainnya.

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【What made you decide the purchase?】
Purchase for Camping touring
Although I used cheap things that were being sold at mass merchandising stores, it was broken soon, so I decided to buy a proper Manufacturer
I decided at a price while saying

【How was it actually used?】
Anyway it's bright!
My friend bought the same type of Manufacturer's wide angle type, but there was a good thing for the work at hand, but the light spread out and it was dazzling

This is a WideSpot-like range of irradiation
And it is terribly bright
Every time you press Button
Strong → weak → off
It will be

Weak enough for ordinary use

【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
It was a little troublesome to have Belt attached by myself, but there is not any difficult thing

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
I wonder if the batteries are bad a bit ...
As AA batteries 1 pc, considering the brightness is well within the range that can be convinced
Even if it is weak enough, it is bright enough so I use it there

【Hope for Manufacturer ? Please let me know if there are any improvement points]
It is a little easier if Belt is worn from the beginning

【Have you compared items?】
The same Manufacturer's rechargeable Headlight
Just a bit more bulky, in terms of AA batteries that you can easily get with on the go
If it is rechargeable, the price will be fine as well ...
Afterwards if it is Camping touring of Motorcycle, it is better for even a little Compact ...

Street light etc. I was able to walk with confidence at the mountain path of the Camping site in the mountains at the end without any
If you would like to buy a Headlight for the time being, I think that if you buy this one, you are sure to make a mistake

Originally, since Main uses Gas Lanterns, I purchased it considering use at hand for meal and within Tent, but I am satisfied with Large at too much light intensity. Also, after the second rainy night Small rain fell and gathered Gas Lanterns off, it was saved because it was possible to use it without problem for Drip Proof Specification. It is a product of specialized Manufacturer.

MainLED is about 95 Lumen.
High-mode is practical brightness, there is enough brightness to walk in the night road.
Eco-mode is just right to sit down and lighten the hand. (Flicker was confirmed in Eco-mode with Digital camera, but it is hardly understood with the naked eye)
The red color LED of the auxiliary light is bright enough to illuminate the hand, and it seems to be used when you want to consider the light around.

【Irradiation light】
Strong direct light from the LED at the center, slightly weak reflected light of Reflector at the periphery.
It is not a uniform light overall.
It is a good feeling that the color is daytime white sexy and no Blue.

AA batteries 1 pc used.
You can use whatever you can not use with Wireless mouse or dry battery type Shaver.
It was possible to use it even for 100 yen Shop's AA Adapter + AAA batteries.

For Waterproof, it is hard to operate the Switch unless you pinch it firmly up and down firmly.
Switching of High-mode, Eco-mode, Red color LED is well thought out.

The price was also cheap, it was a very satisfying product as it can light up with AA batteries 1 pc reduced to half way.
Attached brightness comparison photo is 1 / 10s, F3. Unified in 6.

added another key to the Taiwan car manufacturing. the error percentage is not specified-but compared with the other key shows the correct values* good products

The key to a good torque wrench! for Moto and not only the time* now the bolts are not poryvay/and will to use them-as I rabotal without it +EA a good choice? I think Yes!

Although it seems to be quite thin, I bought it with a dubious semi-sure but unexpectedly showed quite a cold weather. The wind surely blocks, but it does not add warmth, so we recommend that you wear one more base layer and under this inner jacket. I bought S with a slim body size of 172 cm tall and weighing 58 kg, but since it is made on the premise that I wear it as an inner, it has become cutting which fits pretty to the body. So, I think that it is better for those who are supposed to wear a little under this jacket to purchase with a size one size above the snug size.

As a pedestal for Helmet's Maintenance,
As a pedestal for storing Helmet,
very convenient.

There seems to be a deodorizing effect, so I can expect it in the future.

Because it is a Type to be hooked on the heel, it is cold at the malleoli while riding in Motorcycle - It's no longer cold air coming in from the feet. Just under ordinary jeans, it will be easier to move and comfort than Over Pants (However, Over Pants is better in cold weather)