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Indispensable for carrying out in the style of CR

I purchased Crankcase so as not to giz when I knocked down Motorcycle. When purchasing, I bought Color, but purchased Black according to Frame.

Installation is fairly Large strange, you have to remove the hydraulic Clutch system and install it.
As a ring of wisdom, I removed it and installed it. Installation precision is expected. Too
I'm beautiful, so I do not want to hurt.

Although I spent considerable time buying while watching the imprint of the other person who installed the Slash guard, I decided to decide the idea, decided the idea that processing adjustment after purchase is at own risk. Momentarily installed. We assembled to the actual car from Right Side, but perforated, perfectly dimensioned - - -. Quantity without any processing : Pair (for Left and Right) We were able to complete installation as well. Just being sorry, the Instruction Manual is hard to see. Because it is not a cheap part, please give the Instruction Manual the same high accuracy as the product as it is a little more.

I attached it for a daughter who is afraid of a two-seater.
I thought that I would throw away the appearance, but when I tried it, this seemed good with this.
The daughter's frightened condition of the original purpose was relaxed.

2016 manufacturing Cb400sf red gray body with a red frame is the perfect combination in Hong Kong is really hard to find this beautiful thing and hope to find other modified things for the car plus the United States However, I think whether to be hard to equip an amateur for the structure. Looks nothing like what I revived This is the best choice in the frame Thanks!

I confirmed by email to DAYTONA, but I could not install it.
Please be careful.

NC 750X DCT 2016 (RC90) It can not be attached to the.

If you want NAKED to drive from Sports, it will easily improve the rigidity somewhat.
To that extent, I feel slightly dissatisfied with the rigidity of erect FFork, but to a negligible degree.
I think that I do not mind without a Sub frame if it is just a town ride.

Large There is one problem. This may be limited to car models.
Sports When running with RightCorner Full bank if you make contact with the road surface. It is now about 4 mm shaved.
It is unknown how much the wall thickness of Pipe is, but if you increase the footpeg position and make it bank more, it will be scraped more and then the hollow of the pipe will be exposed.
Those who choose Various Collar should also pay attention to that point.

Damage reduction due to fall is unknown due to inexperience, but unless it is scraped as described above and the strength is not falling down, it probably will show sufficient performance.

In terms of looks, it becomes masculine with a masculine appearance, Large is odd.