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Ulasan Produk Grip-Lock

Purchase for security by Touring.
Although weighs more than you think, it is not as bulky as U-shaped Lock, so it does not get in the way of Bag or even putting it in Accessory Case.
Leveretc. Is not it incongruous, rock is astringent, lock is difficult.

It is compact, and since acting as Locke also only sandwiches a Handle and a Lever, it is very easy and easy to treat. Since it can equip after alighting especially by a place where one has gone etc. in a short time, it is easy. I also regard that a hand does not become dirty compared with
U character Locke or a Wire as it being a good point. Moreover, it is expected that it becomes getting into it being hard mischief since round understanding is acting also to appearance as Locke.

Lately, it purchases to the ESTRELLAs of the bride who changed.since it uses also for
commuting -- a loading space -- since it is a nil ESTRELLA --
-- this was used.since he surely forgets that the
> Disk lock is troublesome (smile) --
> -- it is easy, and since it is conspicuous, I think that it is good.

Carrying is easy and also what does not become dirty easily compared with a Disk lock etc. may be easy. Since an order ring can be locked by an One-touch, a natural Parking-brake duty also gives theft prevention sure enough. Moreover, it was as convenient as something, letting things go without [ of a Brake line ] exhaust air overnight. It is because it became impossible to use that it is a past form, saying, It was convenient for it, being able to interfere in a Hand guard when changing to the Off vehicle...

On the way, only with the handle lock, since it was a little uneasy, it purchased.
Since it was easy to carry it although the first impression was [ ... ] this price by this structure, and it was found useful, it was considered as this evaluation.

Since it was troublesome to have carried out a chain lock and a wire lock when dropping in at convenience specially, it purchased here.
Conclusion measure ... * -- good thing *- it acts as Locke of the front wheel exactly, and safe.
- It is compact and can have it ready in in the car.
- Attachment removal can be performed easily.
- There are no worries about a failure to take.
- Crime prevention is appealable.
* Bad thing * and price are a little high.
It comes out and is the shin.
Although there is no bad thing not much, since a price carries out as it is, they are four stars.
Since he thinks that it is found useful very much, it is recommended.

It purchases for the theft measure in a movement destination.
A color chooses red so that it may be conspicuous.
It is settled into the plastic bottle holder attached to the hip back etc., and is very convenient.
Although a key did not turn well and it was not able to unlock easily at the beginning of purchase, it was also lost when the lubricous spray was used.

Red was purchased.
Since it equips or becomes and is conspicuous, I think that it is effective for crime prevention.
The grade which is also in the difference in the thickness of a grip with a spacer can respond, and although the portion in which a brake lever is inserted is also a few, it can be adjusted forward and backward.