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Cowl made abroad does not listen to a very good story, but I am attracted to the price of 20,000 or so and trying out.
Of OEM "IceLemon yellow" Because it is a fairly special color, this CowlSet's "Color : I was worried whether it would fit with Yellow
As you can see, properly "IceLemon yellow" Has arrived.
Instruction Manual is a translation (please enter here, but not an English version. Is this Thailand?. I can not enter this character to enter into translation Soft...
Bracket in Instruction Manual (Pictures 2 and 3) And actually have it in Bracket (Photo 4) It is completely different in shape, and thought that it really can be installed, it is a challenge.
Where to use Bracket is a puzzle. Once L / The stamp of R is done.
For OEMCowl, drilling at two places is necessary.
As I installed it, this is not a problem with the product but it interferes with Endurance's Exhaust System.
Because I did not want to replace the Exhaust System for Cowl, Cowl cut it (Photo 5). Heat countermeasure by pasting heat-resistant Aluminum on the back of Cowl, there is no problem at all.
Since the bottom of Cowl is completely open, it is not structured as for Oil for Race.
It's not Circuit Running. It is a Visual focused part to the last.
However, it became GROM nothing else at 20,000 yen. I was able to organize according to Image.
However, I do not recommend it to people. I think that it is only a story. I like myself but w

Helmet Speaker of type to paste to the back of the head.
When Helmet is Mat color appearance is completely incompatible. Moreover, wind noise did not increase.

Although it is the sound quality of the key, unexpected firm sound comes out. The bass sounds like a whole Helmet vibrates, there is a sense of presence as a singing phrase.
Instead, it is inevitable to have a structure, but a sound is echoing firmly outside Helmet. Waiting for a signal, I think that it is a Level that you can surely hear pedestrians in a quiet Motorcycle. You can also use this as an opponent, you can also use Helmet taken off as Mirror and use it as an ActiveSpeaker (Lol)

Battery unexpectedly held Catalogue Street, but after all it is still a bit heavy. It does not matter to that extent that it is riding normally, but when you shake your head, I feel a particular weight. If you are looking forward, Motorcycle will be a good neck muscle train.

Where I was concerned is Bluetooth 's A2DPProfile compatible, but from the Speaker side I play - You can only control the stop. At the very least I think it is more convenient to handle volume adjustment.

The product Ideas itself is innovative and wonderful, so I would like to expect future developments.

I found this item if I was looking for something unusual shape rather than ordinary Fender Eliminator.

As expected Refreshing around Rear. Both Tail light, BrakeLight and Blinker are bright enough. Although it was a Dual Exhaust System, it was possible to install a Number without interfering.

important point
All Instruction Manual is English Version.
United States? Because it is used, the Screw hole of Number does not match at all as it is. License Plate Bracket is required separately.
Because there is no License Plate Light, this is also necessary separately.