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Do you mistake the import source DAYTONA type model number?
Large I did not get caught!
I shaved it and returned goods could not be done, but please try to compare

Previously we used M Size of ARXI's RX 7-7 X Pedrosa.
It becomes Impression compared with it.
First, about Size feeling, I am a slender guy.
I got a little Large with M of ARAI, so I bought S Size. By thinning the Cheek Pad you can keep just good Fit feeling even if you wear Income.
While driving over Glasses for more than an hour, I ran continuous, but somewhere did not hurt.

Personally I like Graphic very much. There is not much to wear with other people.
Although the feeling that ARAI stuck Decal was amazing, it does not have it, and I feel that this one is also beautiful for painting.
There are BALIs in small parts, but there is no problem in using it at all, I do not know if I do not see it well.

Included Parts : It is very fulfilling.
Pin Lock Seat (Clear) It comes with De Fault. I did not follow ARAI ...
Also, when I bought it, I got DARKSmoke Shield. Others, Small items are also included.
This accessory content was quite happy.

About weight
Because Size is different, I can not make a proper comparison, but this one feels a bit lighter. It may be because Size is Small..
I think there are individual differences, but honestly, there was never a dramatic lighter.

I wrote it because I did not have much impression.
I think that it will be helpful even for a while.

The end of Size seems to be different from the Size of Helmet.
I forced to forcibly make it scratchy so I will buy it again...

Purchase Smoke Shield for protection purposes so that scratches will be used
Originally, for Race is a thing to throw away as a visor but it is used as a different intention, so will it be a Review?.

Purchase the exclusive FlatShield Post attachment, fine-tune the position after attaching to the body.
Unexpected hang is difficult and difficult, so repeat the covering and undoing to the position where the Visor's boundary does not fall into sight.
Large amount of air entered between Visor and Shield but view was not as bad as it looked, so it was left as it was. Mimi for pulling and peeling is short with scissors so it is noisy with running but Cut.

Do not forget to prepare the tool because Screw of ShieldReverse side is a hexagon instead of Plus like ARAI.

Because I bought a Sale item, Cost performance is pretty good. All Standard Equipment comes with no complaints for everyday use. However, if you know the build-in of Japan Manufacturer of ARAI and SHOEI, it is still Italy feeling, each part is made extensively, Center is shifted diagonally stuck NOLAN Logo sticker and the number of opening and closing steps of Shield Such - - - However, it was a good shopping if it was divisible to use at commuting Scooter.

I ordered it because it is not quite like this other color Helmet at other companies. I already seemed to be discontinued, I chose L Size after Fitting with the current item N44 at the Motorcycle Supply Store, but I felt a bit tight. Others especially bad. There is no bad place.
It seems to be useful for a full ride, Jet for a short distance.

NOLAN X-802RR (CompositeFiber) Stoner Suzuka Replica

Purchase Size : L (59-60cm)
Traditionally Size : L (ARAI RX-7RR5)

History of purchase
Until now it was RX - 7 RR 5 but it is EggShapeForme and it is WineGlass
Because it has a shape like an overturned part, it is a chin String when you wear it
No matter how much you spread it and you put your head, the temple and the part of the bone under your eyes rubbed and the pain of detachment suffer.
I thought maybe 7X suffered a trial but the ARAI Concept does not change so it hurts after all.
Touring and other frequent attachment and detachment can not be tolerated and the month and day of the last 8 months passed and exchange is also in the field of view
It is very disappointing because I am going to put in it and the feeling of Fit when I was covered was not bad.
Meanwhile, seeing that Stoner participates in Suzuka 8 resistance, even if you want Helmet of the active era
I remembered that I could not buy it at sold out, I would not miss this time as a Stoner fan
To make a purchase.
Because the White tone of CompositeFiber is more like Stoner than Carbon model
With that in mind.

As a survey of putting in waist
A staggering period on the Web : 5 months
Gold amount comparison at each site : 2 months

NOLAN (x-802RR)
I tried on x-802R at mass retailer and L (59−60cm) I was determined, so I decided Size
The feeling that I was covered was very gentle and it was firmly Fit so I feel a good impression on the whole.
I do not move even if I shake my head. Furthermore, it may reduce the anxiety factor that becomes stiff shoulder combined with light weight
Expectations not expected. Inversely speaking, the interior decay deteriorates Equal Do you take off with sky?
There is a surface distribution, but it does not have to feel painful like ARAI before wearing that
I was happy enough to blow away.
The shallow design in the direction of depth to which the hat body itself suffers so that the cervical spine will be rolled out or the breath guard of the jaw part
Adhesion under the jaw and opening of the eye part up and down Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It seems that taste can be separated from that narrower than ARAI
Because it is a design that is inclined forward, inclined considering Circuit, it is designed like a CBR, so forward tilt Motorcycle
It may not be worrisome if you ride in the upper page.
However, I was concerned right after switching. I wonder if I get used to it.
When unpacking it will be manufactured in February 2005 and only recently LOT. It is also from 802R trying on it
I felt a little tight.

Feeling tried (Compared with ARAIRX-7RR5)
Boarding time : Boarding to see the state of about 20 minutes right after sunset from 17:30 to 18:00 at this time
A boarding road : Test run for general road and one section high speed (max 100 km)
Wind cut sound : I do not mind with the impression quite somewhat quiet like ARAI
Migraine : None. The feeling of tightening may not be bad but it may be thanks to the whole Fit feeling
Pin Lock Shield effect : Excellent as it's a brand new. I did not get cloudy even when I deliberately "ha ha" during driving
Ventilation effect : Almost nothing. I feel the wind slightly on my forehead with a cold weather
Opening and closing Visor : ARAI is Left Side side, NOLAN is forward, I will find Left Side until I get used to it
Ventilation opening and closing : The forehead is opened and closed by the top and bottom, but hard. Because Rear pulls on the coming law
Getting used to hard to open. Easy because you just push the temple part. Chin could also be easily opened and closed

Difference in safety of FOR JAPAN MODEL, which is often said to be made abroad
If it should be taken into consideration it has never been safe but only MFJ official and SGMark.
As ARAI is not made by FOR JAPAN MODEL, it is outside JIS conformity and SNELL and internal standards are not highly collision resistant.
Even the semi-Cap of a mass merchandiser has JIS, the way of thinking depends on the purchaser.
Although I wrote various things, after all I get the things I want, as it is at the beginning, so the final judgment is personal judgment.
If this article is NOLAN / I think that it will be helpful for those who purchase X-lite.

I wanted it after all and was self-satisfied so I was glad I could buy it! Cool!

Additional notes
If possible we purchased at webike and decided to Smoke Shield at Point but we had to wait until the Sale period because the Point and Gold amount was up and down by 5000 yen but it was disappointing because it was even higher than before Sale Purchased by another trader.
Price added when referring 58,000 yen (tax included) / Shipping included)

In Japan there are super good HelmetManufacturer called A company, S company
Honestly there are not many people who use helmet made abroad.
Certainly some of the overseas products are compared with those of JAPAN
I do not deny that there is a part with a sweet creation.
But, as for this X-LITE
It is not inferior to the JAPAN Flagship model.
Size feeling, Fit feeling is the same as that of domestic production.
High level of stability when driving at high speed is also very satisfied.
This is absolutely recommended. Please try it all by all means.