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Since it had appeared in the book of the tool, etc., it purchased.Only a required tool can be selected and carried from the
Cabinet, and it is convenient.Since the simple scale is attached, it can also measure.strong -- that's right, it is likely to carry out and uses for a long time.

Carrying is also easy even if weight increases, since it has done strongly, and a tool may also be thrown in roughly and the handle is attached.
I find it useful.

It is very easy-to-use in the form which a preparation tends to make accuracy.

The accuracy of that the root is 6 mm with last thing or there being a slot on the skid is also very easy-to-use.

4.5.6 millimeters [ three ] purchased collectively. It turns firmly in true accuracy. furthermore -- since the rough result of satin is slot-punching-work-made hard to slide on -- a Ratchet -- direct -- already -- also turning -- since it can do, it is dramatically easy-to-use. The KTC products purchased before are in a completely different class.

Since the [Webike-monitor] tool is kept in the indoor cabinet, it purchases in order to put in and carry a tool, components, and chemicals to a motor pool.
They are a 1-liter oil can and a size which an oil jug stands and enters.
Since there is also the depth, the thing put into inside hardly falls.
PEKOPEKO [ structure / be / structure / it / solid and ].
Obstructive just for a moment, when not using, although it is dramatically satisfied.
If somewhat already small, it is good for storage.

It is convenient to put in and carry a tool, a spray can, etc. in a size with a sufficient degree.
It can use not only for a garage but for storing the general cargo for days, etc.
Since stacking is also made, it is kawaii if some are placed in piles.

You made it eaten and attached to a screw, and it made it reverse.
It seems that required sufficient accuracy is secured although the quality in a fine portion is inferior in comparison with Nepros.
Since bits were consumable goods, it was expected from robustness and chose HAZET.