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HEAVENS khusus menyediakan jok motor beragam jenis seperti tuck roll, diamon-stitched, flat dan lainnya yang dapat Anda pilih sesuai dengan gaya Anda. Jok motor HEAVENS dibuat di pabrik mereka sendiri untuk menciptakan jok dengan kenyamanan sempurna.

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When installing on the Normal tank's car body Tank's Bracket and Seat's Bracket hit Seat's front Bracket..

Because there was a description that NORMAL's Damper is required, there was an explanation and it was not attached to the sample image, so I was preparing to purchase, but the front RubberDamper was attached. It is necessary only in the backward direction.

Although I had a hard time cutting the Bracket, Quantity : It is a feeling of Fit not to lose to Normal seat once set.

Because I am raised in Damper, I think Space can be done under Seat, so I think that I can not rub it with the electrical equipment when I do Ska tune.

There is no worry that rubbing can be done because Seat land does not come in contact with Tank or Frame.

Because it is low back pain, I also attached Spring.
Slightly unevenness does not come vibration at all !!
The installation was also easy..
Seat itself was soft and thicker than I thought.

The seat seems to be of good quality. It is thinner than the factory seat but seems to be just as comfortable. I am happy with this product.

Sea's steaming by all means.
There are such things if you are looking for various things.
It is comfortable. With the presence or absence of clouds.
It seems to be possible to prevent the heat of Seat when it stopped for a long time under the scorching sun. It is likely to be a necessity in the summer.
It is also good to remove easily.
As it is supposed to be exclusive to Heaven's Solo seat, if it is a solo seat of another company, it can not be installed according to the shape or there are cases where Fitting is bad.

I bought for FTR 223.
Remove OEMSeat and place Seat on the back of Tank
The hook of the nail must enter unless it is done quite aggressively.
I was saying Mr. Stain..

Since K & HSeat attached to second hand SR 400 was boring, exchange. While the manufacturing method is similar to K & H, the price and appearance is good so I made it Heaven's Seat. It is quite rigid when pushed by hand, but the feeling of riding is very good. One disgusting place When waiting for a signal etc. Seat's tip width is wide and my inner throat hurts.

The shape and texture were not particularly satisfactory and satisfactory products, but StandardForm (Low Repulsion Type) In spite of being written, it was a thin shape with Ka Chi Chi that I could not feel any rebound at all. I do not ask for a comfortable feeling as OEM, but I wanted a soft texture as it may be thicker a little more.

As the hole opened in Seat of NORMAL, "Anything Parenthesis good outside Seat" I thought, I bought it because I thought that the waterproof property is high and the design property is high.

Installation of Normal seat We need to port Bracket here.
At the same time, you can not install without preparing 4 Bolts of M6.
So, in this Bracket installation on the body we need a bit of hang or force.

It's comfortable to install after installation, but Cushion is pretty hard compared to NORMAL.
But the thinness of the Cushion has a direct feeling, and this is quite good if you get used to it.

I am satisfied..