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I bought it for TEMPTER thing but I found that the free length was about 15 mm longer than the OEM stopped mounting.

Those who are considering purchasing need attention.

The price is somewhat high, but anyway, I decided to buy with a look that will not spoil the atmosphere of Motorcycle. Easy to install, performance was also better than imagined. Also that Overhaul can be handled also ◯

Small holes in the upper fixed part, I decided to use it by scraping, but there seems to be no problem with strength. Other than that, I was able to install it obediently to CB 250 RS. Immediately after installation, I felt a hard feeling, but I felt the feeling of Soft feeling close to OEM while getting over it. I can not deny that the diameter of Spring is Large compared to OEM, but I expect it for that amount of performance.

There were other candidates in the performance of Suspension, but from the compatibility of the image of the old car and the performance, there will be only this. Circuit It is satisfactory Level because it is not a translation.

I was concerned about OEM 's hard ride and strange sound of keying keeper during handling. So exchange. OEM is two in 4. There is 9 kg, and this exchange made it possible to reduce the weight to 4 kg. After change, there is no abnormal noise at the time of pushing walking, feeling comfortable to ride It is a pleasant feeling like softly licking the Gap of the road surface with Soft. Long-range Ride's fatigue has also decreased.
The exchange was completed soon. Torque's high Bolt is not tightening tightly and it is easy because it changes one by one.

As I tried replacing and running, straight running stability and turning performance improved and I feel easy to run. The difficulty is the mounting part (Lower letter part) The finished size of the work was slightly smaller and it was pushing out with a sturdy Slotted screwdriver and managed to put it in something. Then, thinking as For Street, Suspension feels too hard.
(The feeling of Damper is not bad, but ...) I wish I could adjust the soft one more or two. It is a regrettable finish as it gets easier to run ... Whether or not you can recommend it is somewhat hard for straight but it is recommended if you emphasize stability or turning ability. For those who do not want to feel pushing up far in the city Gap. I will not recommend it.

Since OEMShock leaked Oil, I bought that it is a damping force adjustment formula and a simple thing that is inconspicuous is good.

Appearance Design is Simple Izu Best. Like KYB and YSS it looks good on SR rather than Machine.

The performance of Suspension can only be compared with OEM, but it is a soft impression.

Balarance of Rear was able to be taken with weight 85 kg, pre-road 3rd step, damping force 3rd step.

As an overall Balance, Front fork (OEM setting of 2002 year) And Tire tightened NORMALME 77, Rear, the suspension length + 5 mm, the Front load increased and the turning performance improvement (Especially low speed)

Rear is closed down, but there are many Stroke, so it does not behave scary as it is a suspended task - - Is it?

It is enough for me to run moderately

Suspension The lower Mount and Color are out of BodyCenter - - You better repair it

The trouble has increased and the star 4