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K-Racing khusus menyediakan sparepart dan aksesoris untuk skuter dan motor supersport seperti fairing, windshield dan lampu depan dengan harga yang terjangkau.

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The likeness of YZF-R1 also suits very much, and they are very good goods.
At a handy price, it is a favorite.

It is a pricey Garbage.
The position of Bolt hole is also appropriate
Curved surface of Screen and R of curved surface of Cowl do not match
Formless nothing charm nor functional beauty
I was stupid myself caught only for the price.

Shipping & delivery was quick. Easy to install. Good color and quality. Price is reasonable. Looks and fits well. However, no reinforcements at the edge like the original one has.

Purchase on knowing that there are difficulties in accuracy and quality due to low price. However, as soon as it arrived, there was no hardship to install to that extent, and I almost did not care about BALI at the time of injection molding. Instead of purchasing without looking at other impressions you might not have noticed. People who stick to details may worry but for those who are not Recommendation.

There are some Screw hole gaps
Fileetc. If you correct the hole with a properly attached (^ - ^;

However, because there are some gaps in the joint
A little dandflask etc in Screen etc etc. I'm coming in

Shape looks good Parenthesis ♪

You will definitely buy it from the price.

Transparency and overall shape are not bad for price. However, Body (OEMCowl) There is considerable difficulty in the badness along the Gap of the mounting hole on the side. I do not know whether individual differences, but I expect improvement to Manufacturer.

For running Circuit, Single Seat is mandatory!
I firmly adhere to Snap,
As you do not want to hit the butt, Seat is on.
Also, it is easy to attach Number Plate Number to Seat,
I can not peel off.
When peeling off, it will peel cleanly.
That's what I say (*^^*)

I have not had the opportunity to Tandem SS, so I tried to Single Seat.

It is R1 of 08 MODEL, but there is only this Manufacturer already anymore. Well, I'm thankful just to have you out.

The color is still different from the OEM color. It will manage if you look at the distance, but it is obviously different from nearby.

Also, the detail of the part of Backrest? Is pretty rough. Perhaps you should stop whom you ask for perfection.

It was nice because I personally became cool. It was still better if Blue gave me the same gold amount as other colors w