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K2TEC memproduksi knalpot performa tinggi untuk sepeda motor dengan mesin 2 tak. K2TEC mengembangkan chamber knalpot spesial yang dibuat berdasarkan pengalaman K2TEC di bidang balap dunia lebih dari 10 tahun.

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Ulasan Produk K2TEC

I bought the 420x89 with 60mm baffle model. Great sound and looks for the price. Looks to be well constructed. Its on the loud side but without droning sound if you dont use baffle restrictor. I put it on 2016 ZZR1400 .Fast shipping to US.

I've had put jolly moto's on several years ago, and while I enjoyed the extra hit, they burned to lowers, causing me to trim way too much of them away, and the take off from a stop it felt like it was in second gear. When I got these, street versions, I thought seeing the small cones, that it may be too docile, but was I ever wrong. Rolls off a stop smartly, and has an electric powerband all the way to 10,000rpm. Best improvement Ive done to it. It's a blast to ride, and the cones are nowhere near the fairing, fit right on, and look top flight! I hope they make these for the KR-!s!

Style is pretty good.

The sound is not too loud.

Because Heat Guard can not be attached, my son Tandem
I was worried, I did not extend it so much
I feel like I can go..

If it converts to Fender Eliminator, the waste exhaustion number
As Direct attaches to Plate,
To a slight downward trend.

Only the sound is good.

Bricket of Aluminum was broken exactly at 300 km as Impre street seen somewhere (Lol)

Also, the bank angle will be less than OEM.
In a slightly sloping climbing Corner, Chamber scratches rubbing.

I can not recommend it..

Us, LIVE DIO (AF34) I was riding in the driving system (Pulley, Weight Roller, Belt) , Bore up, Carburetor setting, Cheap Chamber of a certain company (Thousands of yen) With a maximum speed of 40 km and a speed of 20 km later than the OEM, when I was in the hedge, I got an ad vise that it was better to change that Chamber from a friend, purchased this Chamber as the last fort and installed it.
As a result, Setting came out and it got much faster (I can not say the specific speed, but haha) This is also different with Chamber. I liked it quite nice and quite.

I Purchased this product for GPz900R. The strength of the bent portion called also is also perfectly Stainless Steel. Good Product. My Silencer band lost, but I was surprised to see it on Webike!It is a certain thing.

The sound quality improves gradually if you try it!
Power comes out!
It looks nice and the Exhaust System burns and gives good sound quality!
I think that it was good to attach!
By the time I bought it, I was worried but it was a correct answer.

The appearance is satisfactory though.
I wonder if the sound is not good ~
K2TEC from one bang
I wonder if the sound quality is light ~
I only pray that it will sound good if I get burnt.