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KDC service

KDC service mengembangkan dan memproduksi fairing untuk motor balap. Berbagai bodywork KDC service dibuat dengan bantuan teknisi berpengalaman di dunia balap yang semakin membuat kualitas produk KDC service tidak perlu diragukan lagi.

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Ulasan Produk KDC service

I was wearing it in ZEPHYR, I was worried about whether it would suit nakedu at first, but I liked it more like Race ish with a race ish than I imagined.

Single Seat for VTR 250 is MotoBamm or Suzuka R & D or KDC

I tried choosing KDC's Seat which is handled by webike and price is reasonable.

I changed my mind from the OEM's bottomed Tail, and I am satisfied with the change of the lower body's Hold feeling and degrees of freedom.

However, if you wear it at the same time with Tank Pad, the installation position will be gapped with the thickness of Pad and fixed through Bolt directly to the vacant hole in Cowl, so the durability is somewhat concerned.

Material : In most cases, FRP products, mounting holes etc.. Many products need position adjustment, but this item was installed without machining !!
However, due to for Race, mounting holes for Brake hose fixed Bracket and Speedometer CableBracket are not open.
Fender shape is OEM Shape, OEM is divided into 2 parts, Gray metallic part and Body color part, but it is integrated.
Product Image Because of the absence of Large photo, it was different from the image shape, but the product quality is satisfying because it is high.

There is an opinion that STD Shape will arrive with reference to Impression of those who purchased this product before, I confirmed by telephone before purchase.
Probable STD Shape arrived and asked for the proper place to contact I received the RS shape that I wanted originally arrived.
At that time we asked for replacement of the image to the exact one, but it is said that Manufacturer is not preparing it.
Everyone This item will receive FRP of STD Shape so please be careful if you want RS shape.

I do not like NORMAL's Seat Cowl, so I was looking for a change in shape, I felt a downhill feeling Parenthesis I decided on this Cowl. Also at the same price etc. Although it was cheap compared to the product, it was uneasy whether it was Pa LePera, but it is satisfactory with sufficient thickness. In the case of CBR I attach a Seat pedestal, but because the hole positions did not match, I extended the hole with File and installed it. Processing is not particularly difficult because it is FRP.
(note : Seat Cowl of the picture has been cut and the shape has been changed slightly)

I bought the earliest delivery date because it was necessary in a hurry, but the construction was bad.
It's not very popular with Bolt-on.
I scraped and drilled to Large width and I repeated Fitting many times.
We, we operate a parts processing company, Air tooletc. I have got it all but it took more than half day to complete the installation.
The combination of Cowls is also bad, Screenetc. I am quite free.
We also own Cowl made by company C, but Quality is strange.
Price is cheap etc etc. If it is you can be satisfied, but since it is the same price as other Manufacturer, the impression that Cost performance is bad is strong.
I feel sorry to Manufacturer, but I felt that I failed honestly.