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Lucas Oil Products, Inc. menyediakan produk pelumas aftermarket seperti oli mesin, gemuk, pelumas gir, dan perlengkapan perawatan mobil lainnya.

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It looks nice and the performance as Protector is as reputed as it is. The feeling of Fit to the body was not bad. However, the adjustment Screw is abnormal hardness. It comes with Gold Plate used as Slotted screwdriver to loosen it, but it is tightened so hard that it bends easily. It is even harder as looseness is also painted.
I thought that everything was too hard, when I looked closely, the manufacturing country was medium - - -
Screw loosened somehow while making a brand-new Protector full of Wound.
Although I do not intend to return or exchangely with just one Screw, it is unusual hardness, but there are also such things in mid-course, I feel that this price is too high.

It purchased to the off-road run.

The Chest protector was purchased for the first time. Since the
public road was also run and he wanted to equip into a Jersey, the thing of the form with which it is easy to equip inside was looked for.

It is comparatively made to the Slim, and it is not uncomfortable even if it wears in a Jersey. Many

operation parts can equip with an Exactly, and it is easy to move them. Even if it is using it on the
Touring, there is also no tiredness.
Since it is very light compared with an ordinary Riding jacket, he does not get tired from it.

Although I think that it is a Chest protector at large [ off-road ], there is no Guard for the lower part of the waist. Merit that's right since the path through a wood had the rock etc. unlike the
Course, direction it prepared the Protector by which only the portion of the waist is different.

As a Chest protector, it is the 3rd purchase. Until now, the thing of the cheapest Grade of EVS was used.

<< -- it is [ point >>]
and it is very comfortable to wear, and it fits the body. [ good ] There are many and moving parts, and it is easy to move them. Even if it has equipped during the 1st by the favor of the
and above-mentioned two points, there is dramatically little tiredness.
and size adjustment can also be changed also into the specification according to good and a use, and is excellent in flexibility. I have removed the Protector of the upper arm.

<< -- it is easy to lick the Screw of bad point >>
and size adjustment, and since the accuracy of an attached tool is low, cautions are required. Since what was being used conventionally carried out the
> price more than twice, it worried, but a too high thing is good. Although it may be very much hard to take out a hand, they are goods which buy it and do not have a mistake. Although it is incidentally a Size, it is L Size in the we height of 181 cm and weight of 90 kg.

[Webike Monitor] Although the Outer type Chest protector was used until now [
], he was surprised at a feeling of a Fit of the Protector of this Inner type, it says that it becomes easier to move than before and the Design of a Wear can be seen -- it is -- the Neck brace has become somewhat tight because the Meter is not simply correct (EVS).

To the off-road Course run, it purchased on falling.

A feeling of a Fit to good point
and body is high, and does not shift easily in a run. It can be used by both
and an Outer, and an Inner. The
photograph (left) is the state worn under MX Jersey. It is comfortable even if it is coming under MX Jersey, where a photograph (right) is removed [ MX Jersey ].
Since there is little square Parts again, even if it wears under MX Jersey, it does not become hindrance of operation. it is possible to use the light VERSION of BG5900 by removing the Parts of
and shoulder, arm, and head origin (the tool kit for removal was attached.) --
> -- bad point
and price are high. The Guard range of
and a back partial lower part is short, and the waist portion serves as a no Guard.