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Maruni Kogyo adalah satu-satunya produsen perlengkapan tambal ban di Jepang dan memiliki reputasi yang baik di kalangan para rider. Perlengkapan tambal ban Maruni mudah digunakan, praktis, dan sangat direkomendasikan bagi Anda yang gemar touring.

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It has attached to WR250R.
Isn't it the dress-up effect up?

Since it has not been exchanged for many years, I exchanged it.
The process is simple, but the process to that is a Large strange Motorcycle. I worked with Battery exchange.

I am using it for 749S. It is completely in between Seat Cowl and Exhaust Guard. So it seems SMART than OEM and LED is very good visibility as well! I think that clear type and Smoke Type are also good points

สวิทช์แรงดันน้ำมันเบรค สำหรับใช้แทนกับ สวิทช์สต๊อบไฟเบรค ประหยัดเนื้อที่และรูปทรงแปลกใหม่ สวยสะดุดตา คุณภาพ และการผลิตค่อนข้างดีมาก

I changed the Brake line and replaced it with NORMAL 's Rubber hose so I got a pain since Mesh hose hurts unless I clamp it, but there is deterioration of Rubber in about two years

We updated GSXR, recently Radiator's HoseLine, and then introduced a high pressure radiator cap.
However, at OEM 1. It was 1, so it seems that it is originally high pressure to some extent.

Although it can not be realized to the extent of the effect, when examining variously after installation, it seems that both pros and cons are unexpected.

First of all, since it will be high pressure at all times, it will be much more burdensome to the cooling Line. Furthermore, it does not increase the cooling performance of the Radiator, but when the temperature rises, the Coolant boils and vaporizes (Cavitation) It seems that it seems to prevent it from happening, it is quite questionable if we consider whether it will be in a state of high turning rotation as it travels marginally like a regular like a circuit like a regular urban ride, Touring, Pass traveling degree ...

If the water temperature goes up in the first place, the fan turns and the water temperature goes down. But this product is to prevent Cavitation when it gets hot enough not to be lowered by the fans, that is, in a situation such as Circuit etc. which keeps turning all the way. Moreover, in case of running in Race, since maintenance is performed once every time, the burden on cooling line should naturally be considered and maintained.
Although it does not check every time by taking care of the cooling Line so far in public road traveling, how is it always burdening the burden ...

Instruction Manual Although we are claiming that the cooling performance is up! ... I do not think the cooling performance will increase, I wonder, very much.

The combination of brembo Crab caliper and DAYTONA Stainless Mesh Hose in Z125PRO, Posh's Rubber Bush is Exactly to Fender's Brake hose clamp. Incidentally, there are two places under Fender and Light in Z125PRO so Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. Please purchase.

Sena's StandardSpeaker sounds satisfactory
Siren of ambulance is same as above
Wind Cutting sound honestly unknown
Reduction at high speed is ant. Peak power is worried about my ears There is a feeling that Engine sound is being alleviated.

I have a foreign body feeling when attached. Does not usually do ear plugs.
The sound that rubs on the opening and closing of Case is quite fierce
It is unexpectedly troublesome to wipe at break and put it in Case
In the early days you can also protrude out when you wear Helmet.

It seems that there will be an effect also on Wind Cutting sound of expressway unless attachment / detachment and storage are troublesome. However, Demerit of labor is likely to be Large for leisurely Touring.