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M&H MATSUSHIMA merupakan pabrikan yang khusus memproduksi bohlam lampu untuk lampu depan motor, lampu sein, lampu belakang dan lainnya. Lampu motor tak hanya berguna untuk penerangan dalam gelap, namun juga bisa menunjang penampilan kendaraan anda.

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BANDIT 1250S were equipped.
a grip heater and ETC -- since additional electronic autoparts were increasing in number, it aimed at reducing the part whose electric amount of consumption increased.
Since it exchanged together with the tail lamp, he has a feeling in which the circumference of rear one became tight.
Touch whose liking of one the light made into BISHITSU of LED suits.
since a number plate does not necessarily become hard to see, it is satisfactory also in traffic regulation -- it is .

By blinker clear lens-ization of VTR250, although exchanged for the orange ball, the thing of an one-piece pack was purchased in reserve in the case of the ball piece of RIA.

By blinker clear lens-ization of VTR250, since the front was exchanged for the orange ball, an one-piece pack was purchased in reserve.

[Text completion] It purchases to LED-ization of a number lamp.
Although I thought that there was no color also blue, there was nothing also yellow, and you could shine snow-white, light did not become bright only by carrying out [ spread ] Pons attachment than expected, so that there is no number in a direction of radiation and it expected also by 3LED.
It seems that it is important in order for using for a place which illuminates the direction of a tip of an electric lamp in spot to demonstrate real value since it became bright when the reflector was made and adjusted.

Since power dissipation was small, it expected to be connected with derating of a battery and purchased.

Cling to a black bird.
The electric lamp of the meter had burned out, and since it was dark, this was attached.
Since he liked red, it was made red.
It became a legible and smart meter very much.

Since Position was made into an LED, OEMHalogen replaced the color difference and I replaced it for the time being.

The color is inevitably different compared to the LED, but it is enough if you think about the price.

If you are concerned, it is safe to unify Position to the White series of Halogen.

Kawasaki EX-4 (Year of 1995 = H7 year, the same as for the initial vehicle inspection year) Mounting on. As soon as 17 years ago, we tried installing.
It will be a must for Appeal of presence.
There was also HID, but because the optical axis goes wrong and it is Large strange to put it in various ways.
Installation is only Normal valve replacement, so you can easily replace! (Apart from removing all HeadCowl for EX - 4)
I think that it is inferior to the high precision LED that HID and tens of thousands of yen is as light intensity.
But, as for the characteristic of Yellow color, since the difference in brightness is Drill, when running in the night etc, the unevenness becomes easy to see.
It is easier to see than Normal valve. Since there are not many Yellow colored headlights, : Yellow is not good) I can understand even if I am on my own color.
When asking other people at Touring, 'If you come behind you will understand! ' They said. That's because it's yellow.
When the sun is falling and it is riding in town, it may be thought by someone. (Exhaust System OEM, even if quietly riding it has been handed over several times)
Including that, "It's Motorcycle in the 90's!" Appeal you can do it!
For Motorcycle vs. vibration It is running for about 600 km at the moment, but there is no problem.