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I use ZAT Non-Sewing Bag Rucksackit every day on my Honda Super Cub rack for keeping nessessary things: rain coat, air compressor etc. Bag has rather large entry, it is easy to put things in and out. Velcro strap make fast opening and closing then just carry by top holder on go. It is really waterproof and made from thick strong material. I like it. Just one small thing to be better: there is no any small holder on velcro strap for comfortable opening.

For more than 2 years, I use it for commuting, but I can still use it.
It is sturdy anyhow.

Initially when I saw a picture "Can I break it ..." I thought, but I have it surprisingly.
Rubber slightly gouged the part of crease and the part rubbed with Asphalt,
Due to the thickness it has not reached the degree of scratching water comes in.

However, the shoulder feeling is not good as it is just a bag with a shoulder Belt after all.
Parenthesis does not look well ... is it?.
It is convenient that the contents also include rainwear and writing utensils well enough,
If you put too heavy things your back hurts.

Waterproof performance drops if fibers are regularly groomed, while the inside floods,
Regarding this, I went into the third year, but it seems to be still used.

Commute - I recommend it to those who use motorcycles even when going to school.

Usual Jeansetc. We add windproof performance to the product.
From the top Jeans - (Protection pants) - This product - (Nisin) - With Breath Thermo piled up, I tried running in the temperature below 10 degrees.

Windproof ●
→ There is certainly an effect. With JeansSingle Body, you can see that cold air comes in even if you hit the thick Inner and hit the sun, but you will not feel it at all just by pinching it in between.

● Elasticity
→ It stretches well contrary to what it looks like Vinyl. I woke up from the top of my neck, but it does not affect the bending and stretching of my knee.

● Thermal insulation
→ It can not be expected for itself. Let's adjust with Inner.

→ Not at all. But if it is said that it is a disadvantage it is not so. To not let moisture escape is also to take advantage of the effect of moisture absorption heat Inner. Especially it is important for legs that do not sweat easily.

● Size sense
→ Inseam 77cm to wear L Size is not particularly short, there is no feeling that cold will get in from the hem unless it goes up slippery. If you want, you can put it in Band or put it in OverSocks.

Because wind protection is Main, from Over Pants - Winter underwear - It can be said that it is unnecessary if you are using leather bread. If you are wondering whether to buy windproof Jeans, it is worth to try this first. There are also types that Plus breathable moisture, but if you do not move your body well with off cars, here it will be enough.

Wind Stopperetc from other supplies Manufacturer. In comparison with that, the cheapness is also a big charm of Large. On hand (Hygroscopic heat generation) If you continue to use Inner, this buying increase is enough, Inner will replace, or if you are buying for the first time Inner will be considering windproof Inner of other companies.

Some people may feel difficulty using Toilet, but it will not hurt to get down as it grows. It is another look (It is not a thing to show to people, though).

I use it with Motorcycle commuting in combination with thin inner cotton Outer, but it is quite good.
It blocks the cold wind.
As I was in the manual as from the underwear, if you wear it straight away it will not suck sweat and it will cause discomfort.
In winter, I think that if you wear this under the leather jacket, you can prevent cold in SMART.

It's a perfect score if it's Design that does not feel uncomfortable even if you take off Jacket.

I wore this from the top of T-Shirt + Heat TEC, wore a Riding jacket and ran on December 12, but I felt no cold at all. I was surprised that the wind called wind would not come from anywhere. It's really cold without a cold while I am maintaining since I got off Motorcycle.

I wore it on HeatTEC and ran with Denim, but I felt cold at 15 ° C.
Certainly it is easier to move, easier to move, and COSPA is better than when stacking two HeatTECs, so I am satisfied overall.

I bought it because it is cold in winter..
It is impression of purchasing and using one Season.

I think that it is a very good product.

Until now Shirt → HeatTEC → Light Wind Breaker → Winter jacket
I was in the winter with.

We are using this instead of Heat TEC, Wind Breaker.
Shirt → this product → Winter jacket

I reduced the number of clothes, but it is very warm because it does not pass the wind.

Although looks and texture are not very good, it is not directly wearing on the skin, and it does not matter because it is not just walking outside.

I am very satisfied with the price..
Also, I used one Season pain etc etc. It seems that it can be used for a long time without it.

About a year (3 - 5 days a week, except for rainy days) I am using it, but for now it does not matter at all. There is no Sauce or tear yet at the turn back part that will be the most burdensome, and inside can not get wet at all even if rain pouring down.
Minimum function and design. Practicality & COSPA are the best. I am glad I bought it.

Photo : Some 2 Towels (LargeSmall) , Dogs and Hakama, a set of clothes (T-Shirt 2 pcs - underwear - Socks), thin Nylon jacket, A4File and so on. I can still afford even if I put only this.

Dare to give weaknesses,
Since the Magic tape that stops the opening is not so long, it is almost impossible to stop taking bags up to full Bag.
There is no problem at all with normal use.
Recommended for those who are looking for cheap and simple Waterproof Bag.