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When I was a child more than half a century ago, I'd like to sprinkle sprinkle Seal (Black Black child and bearded disguised ninja Seal) I want Sea and Sticker Large since I wanted my mother to buy it though it is not delicious. As expected, I could not affix Seal to the side like a child when I was a child (once I got angry at my wife by sticking a sticker like a RALLY 50 car to Squid -. ) I am enjoying sticking various stickers to Motorcycle which I only ride myself. Castra's Sticker knows who they know, a stranger watching Motorcycle "is Castra. "I am pleased to be able to call out.

The second body of familiar Kastra, as usual is still deep. The contents of Volume 1 is the cleaning and storage method of Motorcycle. It is contents full of merely Motorcycle love. Especially from the usage of Cover for Motorcycle to performance analysis in the second half "Scales from the Eye" There is no doubt!
Actually, I saw Castra's Volume 2 at a local bookstore the other day and in that band "All synthetic oils and synthetic synthetic oils are different. "It was the beginning that I bought it unintentionally when I saw that it was written, and in about two months I did Complete the whole caste series. Both the first and second pieces will read over and over again with the overflowing content backed by deep Motorcycle love. Character appearance is also full of individuality, I am a cheeky character with a gold but actually I like a friend Tomato.

thanks for the great kivkstand and also the Repeat Customer Appreciation Point.Books were awesome also.have to translate a lot ot it. b

thanks for the great books and also the Repeat Customer Appreciation Point.Books were awesome also.have to translate a lot ot it.

If Castrustan is bought it will not be damaged.
I think that the number is small compared to the price
It can not be helped because it is made of 3M.
I think that it is profitable after all because the feeling of Fit is good.

As the Suspension edition, there are 4 volumes of introduction section and 5 volumes of Setting section. When you think about studying Sus, you need to purchase 4 and 5 volumes, but it is no longer in me Because the Series has become a reliable Brand, I bought it without worrying about introduction.
Introduction of Suspension as Introduction is Main, so it is considerably thinner than previous volumes.
Regarding Fork, it is introduced as erect Inner rod formula, erect Cartridge Type, inverted Cartridge Type, and various kinds of Rear suspension are also introduced. (I understand for the first time the structure of Inverted Front Fork for the first time. )
At the end, the introduction of SHOWA's BPF has been featured and the structure of BPF was explained in detail. BPF is now a product adopted for litter SS other than Yamaha's YZF-R1, and it was Plus who knew the structure. (BPF itself has a tendency that the compression side damping force is too high, while extension side damping force tends to be weak, and I think that it can not necessarily be said that Fork is easy to use even with Circuit ...)
In order to know more about Suspension, I think that it is good to purchase this 4 volumes and the next 5 volumes at once.

Exhaust System Structure, Exhaust and etc ~ "Well, this was not just like this!" There are so many things to feel, "all right!" There are many comics that can be used.

Of course the character is wonderful,
It is very nice to have made things that are difficult to communicate with comics alone as comics.

Although it was a book which I had been worried about before, purchased here because there are no shops dealt with nearby.

Anyway, it's white.
This is exhausted.
Manga not get tired of how many times it has been a while.

This book is essential "Construction" Is it?
Even if you want to understand the mechanical strength,
People who are hard at work

Yes, I am..
I could read even such a guy.

As content "Construction" About
Why does Suspension work?
There is a principle ~ result, which moves so it moves

Although it is a basic basis, "know" than, "I know" I think that it is Cool
After this "Tuning edition" It also leads to the face even if you read from here.

This will be a little reference book ... maybe? (Lol)