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MOTORSTAGE menawarkan knalpot bahan kuningan dengan tampilan dan suara yang unik. Knalpot MOTORSTAGE sangat direkomendasikan untuk rider Harley-Davidson yang mencari knalpot yang tiada duanya!

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The sent Gasket is 1 pc. was.
As a result, I am bad that I did not read the sentences well
In the photo Gasket is Quantity : 2pc. I was seeing the set, Exhaust System was Quantity : Because it is 2pc
Quantity : 2pc. Set I was convinced that it will come!
It takes time to arrive, and shipping fee is wasted
I want you to be careful about how to post and photos

I bought it instead because I want to know acquaintances who are riding XL 1200 L.
When installing this product on the poster, I think that it is an easy task as it just floats Fuel TankRear and exchange it with NORMAL's IAC, but Quantity : Because Bolt of 2pc is sticking with Engine heat and it is not easy to relax easily, iron stick etc. on Bolt's head etc.. I applied a shock to the small increments many times with cankan and loosened it and removed it.
So, if IAC's fixed Bolt does not become loose, I think that you should watch out around that point.

When installing this product EngineCheckLamp lights up when Idling is raised and lowered, but I think if it runs it disappears, so it will not bother me.
As I can freely adjust Idling like Carburetor Vehicles, my acquaintance was satisfied.

However, even idling at the time of traffic lights and traffic jams, the rotation speed changes slightly, so it must be said that the difficulty of this product is that it must be adjusted each time.

Also, I think that more than 10,000 yen is expensive for Parts to be adjusted.

I attached it to 17-year FXDB.
I could freely adjust Idling like Carburetor Vehicles and when I go down it became a sound close to three time. However, too much lowering is not good for the Engine, and attention is required as Battery becomes easy to go away. If it lowers it is about 800 rpm is appropriate.
Knob of Aluminum Cut - out? Also looks good and I like it!
For installation instructions are also attached, if you find it difficult to find Net blog etc. I would like to refer to.
By the way, since Auto choke can not be used at Engine start, it is difficult to start unless Knob is turned to Right all the way up and the number of revolutions is raised.

If you want to change idling arbitrarily in Harley of Injection it is Recommendation!

I purchased Black because Motorcycle is Black. Installation was also very easy and ended soon.
Actually running at night is still not yet, but I felt the color of light is white and bright. Looks also tightened Large I am satisfied with the change.

Motorcycle is D-TRACKER, purchasing TAR 1. Purchased along with Pro taper's Clamp, based on word of mouth. I think Cool as texture and appearance. Color could not purchase Black, so I reduced the Minus 1 by Cost performance, but it is a complaint without a complaint.

To respond to the initial defective item of the crack in the Clamp section, we had the new item retransmitted, but its Handlebar also had cracks..
I think that Handlebar is an important part for safety, so I would like you to inspect and ship it properly.
Those who purchased it would be better to check once.

I purchased it because I used it with a different vehicle before and it was good feeling. I finished installing on the vehicle safely and tried trying to go ride, found that there are two cracks in the Clamp section of Handlebar Brace!
Looking at Review, it seems there was the same defective item in the past, so it is very anxious because it is a very important part for safety called Handlebar..

Bought these for the 883L pictured here as part of a comprehensive Brass Performance upgrade. Quality is exceptional and finish is brilliant. Fit is perfect. You can't go wrong