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Produk Baru MR.LOCKMAN

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The company's Chain & Rock is still used so far and the quality can be trusted. Rain is out there quietly in Chain as expected, and the painting of the lock body is also bald even though it is used outdoors for nearly ten years, but the keyhole which is required durability is made strong and still active is. Although I purchased it for the second Motorcycle this time, Rock Body is changed to a material that is hard to rust, and it is an impression that increased durability even more. Yellow color Chain Cover may be dirty (The old model was Black color) There is a view on crime prevention measures I think this is fine with this. Although the length of Chain was short though it was unexpected, it was possible to install without problem (If you fix Rear tire it may be a little longer). There are many products that will go on in terms of crime prevention performance, but tens of thousands of yen are quotes. I think that this product is superior to COSPA.

I bought it for the first time compared with products of other Manufacturer.
Although I thought it was long at the beginning, I fixed it to the building through Body on the Ring part, it is just right length.
Chain, I think that the key is also durable making.
(There is weight on running water)
Although I am using it for a while, I feel secure..

Because it is before car delivery, though it is unused, feeling taken in hand. There is some distance to the earth lock position at home
I made it to this Length. And since there is Ring, Length can be made use in the combination way!
I was worried about theft but ... I was relieved a bit.
There is a Review that it is heavy, but this Length is very thick Gold genre so it is not mild.
However, it is not enough to put in a spirit ... Large It's durable (Lol)

Anyway Padlock's accuracy is too low to lock or unlock at once.
I can not lock or unlock without inserting a key and doing it for a while. Since Chain itself has no problem in terms of strength, I feel secure, so I think that if the precision of Padlock at its best is good, I think that it is a product that can be evaluated, but it is uncertain how long it can be locked and released. Because Chain is strong, I think that it will be impossible unless you cut it with Grinder when Padlock is useless. If it seems that the system also has bad institutions, unlocking can not be unlocked, it is written as if to play.
Whee Big should also be checked and adopted at the time of product selection?.

The key is cheap and it seems to be destroyed.
Chain cover is just passing,
Chain enters behind Cover when setting Chain.
As for the newly developed OSlider, I realized that the real thing was a little smaller than I imagined from the picture of product description.

2. Chain of 4 m can be used in various ways.
Yellow color characters Cover stand out in Black letters.
Cheap price.

Previously, since I was using Katarana!
Weight, key, Cover etc. I felt unreliable everything.

I made Small Type Disk Lock for use at the destination.
It is profitable if the probability of theft falls at about \ 2000.
At first it did not get stuck in the Brake disc, and when looking closely it was narrowing the gap with BALI. I scraped it with File and installed it.
Key coverCap is floating somewhat but this price is okay.

Wet Big was cheaper than the nearby Motorcycle supplies store so I bought it immediately
Moreover, quality is good for price
The thickness of the wire is also good and the Bar ring is solid as well

Since the parking position of Motorcycle is less than 2 Meter from the car port pillar, we wound this WireOne Side around the pillar of carport, passed through the wire ring and passed through the wire ring of Dial type through the other wheel I use it through Wheel
I want to lock the earth like this, but I think that it will be useful for replacing when the Length is not enough for a regular Wire ring

If you want a greedy Blue color or Yellow color or Variation stand out because it stands out, I think that the effect of preventing theft more increases

Although it is used for commuting vehicles, it is not compact, so it is not bulky to put it in the Jacket's Pocket (I feel the weight)
At this price it is conscientious to have Wire.
It is recommended.