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NELSON RIGG adalah brand penyedia berbagai perlengkapan motor seperti cover, tas, dan aksesoris motor, serta pakaian dengan desain inovatif yang diproduksi dengan teknologi canggih sejak tahun 1972. Produk-produk NELSON RIGG telah memenangkan banyak penghargaan.

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HJC CL-ST KUREIBU Red L size was equipped.
It is the dark smoke corresponding to a pin lock.
The clear parts attached small are the pins for pin lock sheets.
There is also a shield fixed switch in a pure clear shield.
Although it is dark smoke, outside can be seen firmly.
A clear shield is attached, or since it is dangerous if it disappears, let's carry out a shield to open and ride in the inside of a tunnel, or the night.
Since exchange of a shield can be performed in one-touch, it is very an easy.
A tool is unnecessary.
When purchasing, let's check whether it is pin lock correspondence.
I was wrong and have bought a correspondence shield (smile).


From acquaintance, after a long absence to go out to Enduro?.
I usually use OGK AVAND in town and commuting
It may be used even on a ride on a holiday OffTwo.
Is not HJC well known in Japan?
I'm also known as enduroGP and Queen Dakar Laia Sanz (Using pattern X-lite from Dakar in 2018)... orz) I decided to MFJ official CS-MX 2 at affordable price.
When purchasing, try on N-ups and undertake Size and Design w
First of all, there is no problem with the product itself.
However, at first, compared with ARAI and SHOEI, I felt that Chin guard is a bit far shallow as it is rather shallow
Now I do not feel any particular discomfort.
With regard to Graphic, it seems that some gaps of Decal are within the acceptable range
This time Edge (Black / Red) but it was Graph (Black / Red), I was astonished but I could not keep up with newGraphic Edge w
Although it is an inexpensive MODEL, Visor and Screw are out as Repair Parts and Inner Pad is sold separately and it is also possible to make it Fit by changing thickness.
The Ventilation function is also cold in the current season, especially the Ventilation of the head is currently overwhelmingly filling ear plugs.
Also, regarding CS - MX 2 in Japan I have not announced yet but since a new graphic model named DAKOTA has been announced overseas on HJC 's Facebook, it may be announced in Japan next year' s Lineup. (Expectation (^ people ^) )
As a general comment, there are also preferences and Korea Manufacturer I think that some people are said to be said, but Helmet is a consumable item.
Manufacturer Anything with Top spider with sponsors
Well it will cost me awfully ~ Even if I cleared the harsh standards I dropped it, even if it fell lightly and fell down and hit Helmet, the appearance got scratched ~ Even people who keep on using feeling Are you there?
Liner will be damaged.
Is it saying Clear that such a strict standard, Helmet is robust But can the head of contents endure?
Well, if you can serve as much as you want each time, even if you do not mind it is impossible for me
Then HJC Edge, Graph de, DAKOTA (Unpublished in Japan as of December 2017) I want to use it properly according to my mood ~, it is feeling.

Convenient because there are GlassesSlit and SpeakerSpace. Hot bonds are used for fixation of the interior, so when peeling off several times some peeling parts come up, but you can fix it. I wonder if this area is different from domestic production. Unlike full face, the distance between the mouth and Chin guard is close. Pin Lock Seat is necessary because it will be cloudy as soon as there is no anti-fog. It is painful to raise the Chin guard when you take off.

Design - Coloring is the best Parenthesis! Obviously making it solid,
Fit feeling is also Very Good. Also compatible with Goggles OK. This price, recommended at High-end? MODEL. OffHelmet is performance, of course, the vividness is Large thing. Although I run comfortably like a forest road, I do not need savory groundiness.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
The so-called throw away Shield - It is what is called a thrown away film. I bought the HJC RPHA 11 VENOMHelmet that I could install and bought it for aircraft.
I sometimes go out using a high speed in a city riding subject so this Film is not necessarily a mandatory Items.
MotoGP and WSBKetc. When watching the worldwide Motorcycle race broadcasting, I thought from a while ago that the discarded Film worn by Helmet for active players is functional and cool.
This time it is purchase seeking looking good looking like Replica rather than asking for functionality.

【How was it actually used?】
When you actually wear it, there will be something like air bubbles between Shield and Film.
As Helmet used by the players participating in Race is in the same state, it is clear that the view is unexpected when wearing while wondering whether this is normal or not. It is Level which is not at all worrisome whether day and night say that there is no inferiority compared with the state without Film.
When traveling, the Tab part is flattery with running fluttering and it is quite noisy. When I was wearing it for the first time running, I felt as if I was playing Drumstick Drumstick and I was impatient about something, but I got used to it while I was using it on a town ride or a distant place.
By the way, because it is a purchase looking for a Replica-like appearance rather than functionality, as long as there are scratches and dirt is not severe even after Touring, I wipe it off with a cloth and wipe it off and reuse it several times.
ShieldBody can also be Guarded from scratches and dirt, Film itself can be reused several times as long as it is not severe so it may be an unexpected and economic item.
But how much it's dirty and the field of vision has become severe is that it is dangerous to do littering Film while driving like in Race on public roads (Lol)

【Mounting was difficult?】
Adjust Film tension by hooking Film on Dial at both ends of Shield of RPHA 11 and turning Dial.
The adjustment of the tension is a little troublesome because the Dial is unreliable so hard, but it was easy as I was able to do it for the first time even for the first time for me for 5 minutes.

【Please tell me the installation point and hang】
If it is too tight, Film will be distorted and the visibility will be worse so let's stop with moderate tension.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
It is slightly higher than 3,000 yen on Film 10 sheets.
I thought that it would be easy to buy if it was about 2,000 yen JUST.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
Same as above

【Have you compared items?】
Since it is exclusive for HJC, there is no particular.

Although it is not necessarily called Items on public roads, it is good to be able to clear the field of view at a stroke by removing the Film even if the field of vision of Shield becomes Hit with Large nymphs in something in the outskirts It is.
Circuit There is an Image called Items of the person who runs, but since it is a convenient Items even in the way of riding a Touring subject, if you have a Helmet that can fit a Film you can use it by all means to realize convenience I would like to receive it..

Super lightweight Full face

Top MODEL of HJC, Hand warmer LEN Spec.
For Touring, I only used SHOEI, Arai,
I purchased overseas HelmetManufacturer for the first time.
By saying the top level, you can specify without complaint. is,
Chin curtain (Removable)
Breath guard (Removable)
With Clear shield and DARKSmoke Shield 2 types
Enough Ventilation
Enhancement of interior option
●P. I. M. PLUS cap (Premium - Integrated - Matrix)
It is very lightweight because it adopts Technology for the cap which plays a large role in safety and uses a three-layer structure cap superimposed with Carbon Fiber, Aramid and Fiberglass.

Its lightness is lighter than Jet helmet of J - FORCE 4 being used.

I will try Touring Debut from this autumn.

Helmet of current commutation For Scooter uses OGK's Small jet.
This time, I purchased this Helmet for commuting.

It is very Cool even compared with Helmet which is high fashion up to now!
If you remember, the movie you went to the theater for the first time "Star Wars new hope" (Episode SORD? Now, it was the first one) , I remember that I was impressed at the time.

The Speaker installation Space fits Small and falls on the ear, as a countermeasure, it was able to be worn by shifting from the ear, moving from the back of the head, probably it will hurt for a long time, Large if it is commuter degree.

RSThailand Ji is a Japanese distributor, details are Japan Spec. I have it
Universal degree Up Snap button
Jaw lace Buckle type
After Strap
etc. S
Although it is overseas HelmetManufacturer, it is increasing comfort.

I am not a co-Sprayer, but I think I will use it more and more.