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Nepros merupakan brand yang diproduksi oleh KTC dan memiliki visi untuk menjadi brand hand tool terbaik yang dipercaya oleh para mekanik profesional. Kualitas bahan dan desain, keakuratan, serta fungsionalitas hand tool Nepros tidak perlu diragukan lagi.

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Ulasan Produk Nepros

Purchase for Brembo caliper's Air breeder, all tools are in Nepros.

7 / 16in. I heard that even 11 mm can be accommodated.

A high quality thing is indispensable for the Maintenance tool.
I will price a bit but I need good things to use for a long time.
All that is still necessary.

I have not used it but I expect it to be reliable.
There is no doubt.
Caliperetc. Torx wrench is essential for Overhaul 's.
Next time we are going to purchase Set.
Let's evaluate it after use.

I understand that Nepros is a luxury item, but this price is too expensive as RubberRing.
It is a consumable item so I want you to make it cheaper. If raising it cheaply, you can substitute with Rubber Band, but since it looks good it can not be helped - - -.

There are two Drain bolts in ZEPHYR 1100, one of which is after exchanging outside the company

I did not desorb and detached and I was using other company's products but I think that this one is superior in accuracy and purchased


Using Torque wrench at tightening will somehow fit into Limit.

Besides, the texture is wonderful so I am unaware that I am feeling the feeling.

With KTC Standard, there was a Bolt where the outside diameter was large and interfered, and I was looking for one with the same outside diameter as Snap on.
Plating is also beautiful and can be used with confidence.

As an Oil leakage repair of the air-cooled Motorcycle, I bought it as a combination with Gasket. Select this product that was popular with Net search. It is a nice touch to match the color with Gasket. Oil that I was leaking so far is pittin and stops satisfying. We are expecting durability afterwards!

To be honest, it was not useful at all.
Is my usage bad?
After use, when painting it crowned splendidly.
The paint is messed up. Start over from the beginning.
It was a bit disappointing..