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Cover Motor (Camouflage Pattern) Mantap! Cover Motor (Camouflage Pattern) Mantap! Cover Motor (Camouflage Pattern) Mantap!

Very good cover for my Suzuki ZZ. Excellent size for this one. i got this cover after 2 weeks. Now i can use this for save my bike from dust in my garage. Nice choice!

Pattern is a place where preference is separate, so no comment.
Quality was previously used Cover broke in 5 years, but fabric is thinner than its Cover.
Since it seems that it will be able to take the original for several years, I am satisfied.

使用车型:HONDA CB1100 2012 每年7月广州的天气,都是多雨为主。 同时居住地方车位不够,车子需要停到室外,所以购买了这款雨罩。 这款尺寸我认为是合适的,覆盖位置刚刚好,一个人操作也很便捷。 购入价格156人民币,相比原价9000日元我认为价格很合适! Use model: HONDA CB1100 2012 The weather in Guangzhou in July is mainly rainy. At the same time, the parking space in the place is not enough, the car needs to stop outside, so I bought this rain cover. I think this size is suitable, the coverage is just right, and it is easy for one person to operate. The purchase price is 156 RMB, which is quite suitable compared to the original price of 9000 yen!(translated by Google Translator)

Let's buy one size above the display. It is cloth string instead of One-Touch Operation Lock. I can not complain about this price but after all it is troublesome string.

We are adding Red and Blue to the front wheels and rear wheels to prevent Cover from being blown away. Because it is the same product with different colors, I thought that the key was one, but I can only operate with keys on each. I was doing it properly.

I attach it to the front wheels and the rear wheels so that Cover will not fly. The price is cheap but the feeling of use is good. Length and weight are also just right. However, if you think about crime prevention measures by this alone, you may feel uneasy. I used Cover for the purpose of preventing skipping. And in the unlikely event that it takes a little time and effort.

De Chile; El envío llego en una semana por correo normal; compré el cobertor más grande; 6L ya que la moto tiene un equipaje. Queda muy bien para mi moto Kawasaki KLX 250TEF. Esta manta tiene ojetillos en ambas ruedas para poder asegurarlo y una cinta en el medio inferior para aferrarlo en la parte de abajo. From Chile; The shipment arrived in a week by normal mail; I bought the largest blanket; 6L since the bike has a luggage. It looks great for my Kawasaki KLX 250TEF bike. This blanket has eyelets on both wheels to be able to secure it and a strap on the lower half to hold it on the bottom. (translated by Google Translator)