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OVERBOARD adalah produsen perlengkapan outdoor asal Inggris. OVERBOARD menyediakan berbagai jenis tas dan case kedap air untuk kamera maupun smartphone sesuai dengan regulasi industri di Inggris yang ketat.

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Was an end-of-the-rainy-season declaration already made in the Okinawa district?
The Kanto district in which I live is not immediately expected, though regrettable.
It seems that the day when weekly forecasts are also only rain and a cloudy mark on, and can worship the sun is precious.
It seems that the day which runs to search and can turn around clouds is also still far under fine summer sky.
However, if a rainy season ends, it will be long-awaited summer arrival! Since it is called power saving this year, there may be few opportunities to taste the cool made into KI~N, such as convenience and a shopping mall.
Speaking of the place which goes at such time, it is the sea! River! Pool! You are a beach and a poolside, and aren't -- etc. considered, if it does not care about submersion but music can be listened to gracefully, getting tanned? Overbowed waterproof cases are items which fulfill it.
Since many iPhone users also see these days, aren't there many directions which have substituted the music player for iPhone?
Of course, this waterproof case corresponds also to iPhone.
If it puts into the waterproof case, that the surrounding water shuttlecock also fears sudden rain will disappear.
And if an optional water proof earphone is used, it is also possible to view and listen to music underwater (to the depth of water of 6 m)! Since operation of the touch panel from a case is also possible, song selection is also at will.
While the day which got tired with heat and went home hears favorite BGM, a recommend is slowly soaked in lukewarm water and also relieves fatigue.
Immediately after imagining usage Isn't iPhone seen if music is carried more freely?!