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PENSKE menawarkan sparepart untuk sepeda motor sport KAWASAKI seperti Ninja250, KLX, D-Tracker, dan masih banyak lainnya. Knalpot racing, footstep, dan stang PENSKE dibuat khusus untuk meningkatkan performa motor KAWASAKI kesayangan Anda.

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I made this choice because NECTO made it too expensive. When installing, the accuracy of the screw of Nut is bad, and when fastened tightly, it got missing thread. On the contrary, I installed it without attaching it, but I am a bit dissatisfied.

Pensuke's Handlebar bought a special item for RepairBar End for special inner diameter.
Attach to the Handlebar and hit it with Praghan and you can install it without any problems.
However, there is absolutely no fancy, so it is a commodity that does not suit at all for Anodized lovers.

About purchasing the Full Exhaust System of Ninja 250 SL, I decided to buy one that meets the following conditions.

- Certified Product of JMCA
- Power graph has been released


First of all, Full Exhaust System attached to Ninja 250 SL is 2017 / 11 / There are 11 items below as of 21.
https : / / www. webike. net / md / 13463 / tab / parts / bm / 1002 /

Among them, those that meet the above conditions

- PENSKE EVOLUTION Full Exhaust System https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 21993851 /
- OVER GP-PERFORMANCE RS Complete https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 22098611 /

It is two items of, and which one to choose is very lost.

- PENSKE pros : The price is cheaper than OVER cons : Silencer looks weird
- OVER pros : Silencer looks Refreshing cons : The box from the bottom of Cowl - - -

And so on.
This time I decided to PENSKE by price.


When installing and running, the fun after the medium speed range is like touching OEM by 2 times.
In the purchase of the Full Exhaust System this time, we chose the item by the elimination method.
It will be quite frustrating if you run and get different from your expectations - - - I thought, but I was satisfied very much without such a thing.

ninja250 (EX250L) I found this Fender Eliminator Kit if I was looking for a product that is compatible with the product and that does not have a Reflector under Number.
The crucifixion was not too much trouble, I was glad that the texture was firm.
I think that the price is a bit cheaper than other products
I think that I will not make mistakes, but since the shape will change after the 2015 model, people who purchase need to confirm.

In purchasing the Full Exhaust System, I was struggled a lot, including other companies' products. Especially as a single, I want to escape even from a weak state a little, Tamiki, Sound is something second-order and something. So I got a summary on pen skiing. Installation is very easy, even amateur me can complete in about 1 hour Small. Besides Sound, there are bass and satisfactory things. And expecting Power ... If it says ..., it can not dramatically improve, but the blowing up is overwhelmingly better than NORMAL, and I was able to turn the Engine comfortably. Especially from 7000 rpm it is a feeling that it reaches the Red zone all at once. It is not Date that we are doing tests more than 200 times and singing to Circuit until ok. (By the way, public road driving is obviously ok) I'm glad I really bought it.

As a result of trial run in exchange, it will change to the extent that you can experience the power up in the area of ??7 thousand revolutions or more just like the power curve of the product image.
In addition, although the single-cylinder Other Company ProductExhaust System tends to be a vulgar sound otherwise, this product was extremely crisp and elegant sound quality, I felt that making was very well accomplished.
Because low-speed range feels thin even with Normal muffler, Sub computeretc. If you shake it to the rich side with, it will be a better engine.

I arrived at the weekend after it arrived.
The color is a bit disappointing with the dull Green Light, and moreover, if you look closely, you are hanging it and painting it, ugly unevenness like the paint of the hung part painted with a brush, I wondered whether to exchange returned goods, but the matter of time , I am sorry for the disease I want to install
From Manufacturer who manages such products, I will never buy it even if the performance is good.
It's a shame though the running has improved.
I will re-paint myself after Maintenance. Pencske than Mr. Pencske can paint neatly.

Although it is still before installation, since I think that everyone comments after installation, what I felt looking at the actual thing.

Material, texture without complaint.
Reflector arrives above, not under Number Design is good.