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2004 year, GILERA RUNNERVXR 200 I installed it in 4t. Because it is a special item, thinking that it can be installed without thinking, starting installation. I do not know why, Lever root part touched Front Handlebar Cover, Cover was cut and mounted with Cutter. The texture is low for the price
I am using it with Lever grip now because sense is not so good.

Although shape and size are satisfactory, there are no badly machined cutting surfaces and there are BALIs and Bolt tightening surfaces also have steps. When I saw it was a finished product? I thought that it was useless so I finished it myself.
It was not the quality that matched the price.

I wanted to change the handling of Accelerator Wire, so I bought this item. Material is stellance, so it looks very solid. However, I do not know whether it is an individual difference, but the holes that let the rear axle Bolt pass are not aligned. I managed to fix it with a thin Bolt but A little disappointing.
Those who are planning to install it may be better to ask the shops that can process it.

I was fat and was longing to wear leather pants. My wife said I could buy a pair if I loose weight. ( She didn't think I could.) So I went on a diet and reduced 15 kilograms in 5 months and finally got hold of them. I was impressed with TS TAICHI value. The texture, design and functions are awesome.
I am 178cm heigh and weigh 72kg waist size is 82cm and extra large fits me perfectly.
I'll have to be careful of rebound.

I was always having trouble positioning the oil tank when I was replacing the handle. Though I knew that various manufacturers did have some oil tank brackets for bar handles and separate handles, I didn't use them for I was worried that it might not fit. But then, the tank got discolored and the hose got worn out. So I decided to look for something better.
This billet reservoir tank could be directly installed on the master cylinder and didn't need brackets or hose. The tank would not be discolored and my problems were all to be solved.
The installation was easy, because it had pictures on the manual. Still, when inserting the billet tank to the tank hose nipple, I was careful not to break it. If you are not so sure, you better ask an expert to do this job.
One more thing. It doesn't have a inspection window to check the oil level, so you need to examine it periodically. But I'm fully satisfied with its function.

The radial pump of a brembo is used for a Ducati.
The Mirror holder was used in order to attach the usual Mirror.

Since all the circumferences of water were made new for the Maintenance, this product made from appearance and the Aluminum which does not rot easily was purchased. It will be O, if an external article is considered at the time of
attachment although the feel of entering to an inside Pipe is disagreeable touch.
appearance also became light touch and it has satisfied it.

Although Mr. Craftsman's Mirror holder thinks that it is a little expensive, a structure Anodized etc. are one of the things satisfied dramatically.
Since the variation in an Anodized has many brembo main parts, only the point said that a color may not suit just is regrettable.
(the part which the red character incidentally took out liquid, such as a can Spray paint, to another container by itself, passed it with a Clip etc., and overflowed becomes a quite beautiful result only by tracing with the finger which attached the Parts cleaner)>