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Power View HX

Bohlam lampu halogen dari Power View HX memiliki daya guna tinggi, efisien, dan memiliki pancaran yang kuat berkat penelitian dan pengembangan yang dilakukan selama bertahun-tahun.

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Ulasan Produk Power View HX

Although green Wright of the exception was used before, this one is liking individually. Since the Lord of light becomes white, green colors finely more!! It is fairly bright moreover! Now, runs are also relief and ♪ which becomes pleasant at night.

It went out exactly in one year and one month.
Although it is written as 30% of durability up, after attaching almost in every day by commuting daytime also in my case.
He has bought the same green, although the pink was also considered next.
Although a color is not known in case of a photograph, green has started just for a moment and it is cool.

Since it was worrisome from before, it purchased.
Although it wavered with the pink, since it seemed that it was brighter in the green, it carried out here.
Although brightness is enough, mind that whites are bright is also carried out.
However, mellow green is good touch as others are advertizing them somehow. [ different ]

It is really green.
And since unevenness of the thing, etc. looked good legible than expected, visibility went up markedly.
Those who attach not much are also conspicuous few!

It is a bulb which reflects by touch that the pink is contained for a while white at the time of lighting, and is visible to a pink at the time of putting out lights.
Since it was a bulb which has not been seen until now, it was sensational and purchased, but it is considerably satisfied.
Brightness also has no something to say! Visibility became high considerably from the blue bulb also at the time of night or SIGMET.
A run of a rainy day is also safe now.

Since the low beam was exchanged for HID, the high about which it seldom cared conventionally came to feel it dark, and looked for many things, but there is no lineup in H3 not much, and each manufacturer chose this product.
Although it was with xenon blue, it is carefree as Wright who arranges beside HID in a beautiful pale color.
If pure into a low, the high side will be dark, and eyes will get tired with HID and a high at it, but since it illuminates very brightly even if it carries out high low simultaneous lighting, after putting in this bulb, eyes do not need to get tired, either.