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PROGRESSIVE adalah perusahaan pembuat suspensi yang didirikan di Amerika Serikat pada 1982 dan hingga saat ini menjadi pabrikan aftermarket terpercaya di dunia. Suspensi buatan PROGRESSIVE memiliki pitch yang tak tertandingin dan memiliki struktur yang khas.

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Even if the surroundings were not decomposed and it did not dissolve, work was completed comfortably and it came.
I think that it is the best for it being easy-alike and carrying out.

I knew that the tools of KNIPEX had some Nipper, Raped pens and easy to use.
I tried other Manufacturer as a candidate, but I made it to this after all.
Looking at it, it seems that it is a little disappointing when I grab the Ring
After all, it is recommended that the details are easy to use.

I was also good with Radio pliers of the same length,... Why? Did you purchase this 3815-200? Although there is no Cutter blade in Radio pliers... So I will recommend the Radio pliers to everyone...

Because it is 160 and Compact, I thought that it would be better if the tip was already long from bending. But this is like this, so we can grasp the object with a fair amount of power, so let's do it well. Compared to Straight ones, freedom works on the wrist, so it's easy to use something.

Because the tip is thin, I think that it is not suitable for grasping by putting strength. Actually, I bought impulse with KNIPEX by saying Comfort grip, but when should I use it? It is still unused... Because the tip is thin, I grab a soft object... Seal in the back place and Rubber Ringetc. I should use it...

It's 140 and 160 Size. I use it to grab Small objects in a small place. I think that it is not long to say Long nose pliers..... Since there is also a thickness at the tip, I think Large is durable even if it grasps with a good force.

Those who use KNIPEX 's Pliers wrench as an in - vehicle tool mostly seems to be 180 Size, but I am making this 150 Size one of the on - board tools. If there is one Pliers wrench, it will be substituted for several Spanners... Compact so I think that it is good for narrow vehicles of storage space.

Kimi stone, KNIPEX is good to make details. Radio pliers of this size is most frequently used.
I prefer KNIPEX... Of course, only Comfort grip. I think that KNIPEX is expensive, so the satisfaction you have is as it is.