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QSTARZ menjual lap timer pertama yang dilengkapi dengan GPS sehingga perangkat hebat ini bisa membantu Anda meningkatkan teknik riding. Dengan pelacakan melalui GPS, Anda bisa mengukur jalur balap di sirkuit dengan akurat. Lap timer QSTARZ mudah dipasang karena tidak menggunakan kabel.

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First of all, I was surprised by the appearance, I was surprised to see Small, but personally I was complaining that the thickness was a bit thinner, but in fact I installed it at 06 R 1 Tank Cover at Velcro and run well enough to run down Because there was no problem.
Regarding use,
1, setting is easy (Automatically check and set Circuit with GPS)
2, GPS reception accuracy is high, stable.
3, Sumaho apple like high speed movement & display with body covering time Time does not stick Rose. (The smartphone ran with AutoPOLICE, the display was showing for 3 seconds. )
One thing I felt was that I felt it would take some time to get into the GPS reception state ...

Overall it is more than expected performance.

I bought it for the time being because I did not have Exclusive Bracket.

- Iron is heavier than it looks. Clearly Material : I thought it was Aluminum (Material lighter than Body : If it is Aluminum, I do not know whether it is dare to make it because it places a burden on Bracket... ).
- Of course the feeling of Fit is nice. But I can not say it to BALI, but the section is sharp. Lap timer Body may be scratched.
- When Bracket parts for Double-sided Tape are mounted on the back of Body, it does not correspond to this Bracket.

Nothing that I thought was inconvenient except the above was not present at the moment. I have not decided yet the installation location, but I think that it is good as it is easy to use this product.

Up to now GSX-R1000, R600, WR250X, NSR50, MT-25etc. I ran Circuit with Motorcycle, but each time I pulled Wiring for each car and attached the instrument (ACTIVE, ZIIX, NPRO JECT etc etc. ). I did not respond to the magnetic sensor during running, etc.... Every time it was troublesome to install, I purchased Q-STARS that can be measured with GPS for the first time this time.

"PC setting"
- Set the supplied CD-R in the PC. Easy here.
- Download CourseData and put Data in Body. (Also, if you put too much CourseData, there is a fear that it will exceed Ability, so let 's only include CourseData to go running) I can not understand a bit from here. Perhaps the best reason is that I am weak to PC...

For the time being, we could prepare them before running.

"Body setting"
- Just select Data imported with CircuitMODE and set Course width etc.. After that, when you go to Circuit, it automatically picks up with GPS and selects near-field Circuit.

Then I started running ~ What I did Freezes till I got here. Countlessly... Forced Down Button There is a Small Small hole on the Charging Cable's Connector so please push it with something like an elongated toothpick. I did not know the existence of forced Down Button, and waited for more than half a day until the battery ran out.

When actually driving, visibility is also excellent compared to other Lap timer preeminently. Thanks to the GPS, magnetic Sensor will measure firmly from Start to goal even with a bad Circuit.
After driving, when you capture running data to PC, traveling line, speed, acceleration etc etc. Will come out. You can see at a glance how you are driving yourself. I was surprised at this. It seems that you can synthesize its traveling data even for moving pictures... To be honest I am a function of Overspecifications (Lol)

Finally, it is difficult to explain the disagreeable part of this product. Translation (It is funny to convert it to please enter here, there is a very difficult part to read (Explanation of WebSite). Because of that I am struggling to set, BodyFrees... It was a negative chain. If it does not have it, is not it the best product among the Lap timer currently on the market?.

In the past I used the one that measures the time by using the magnetic field in Circuit, but since I was wearing it along with the sale of the vehicle, I thought it was new and purchased.

good point
- Because it uses GPS, not magnetic field, it can measure anywhere regardless of Circuit.
- Easy to install because it does not require Wiring.
Collar LCD for easy viewing.

Well, I think
- The price goes somewhat.
- Large room is bigger than ordinary lap timer so it is limited place.

Taken together ★ 4 is where.

I can not actually use Circuit with Off-season yet, but I am looking forward to it!

F4 is a place where Lap timer is installed, Wiring's handling is difficult, we decided to purchase by watching GPSLap timer which can be installed without doing Wiring. Because there is no Wiring. Easy installation. It takes a long time for GPS to recognize it. Obstacles and roofs (Paddock) Can not recognize GPS.
Monitor is Color very easy to see. It is a passing score other than hard to operate while doing Gloves. I can check the log on the PC so it's a nice place.

As to leave it to the pioneer how to use.

There is no Mount in this product.

I use an optional item, but it is surprisingly expensive.

So, as a result of examination, it was confirmed that the normal Smartphone Holder
What can not be used with two nails or four nails HolderMount
I do not have it,

Mount for this product is T-shaped one claw.

Actually we can use Mount for DriveRecorder.

For example Beat-Sonic's sticky STAND, QBL 6 etc..

It is cheap and recommended for elder brother troubling Mount method.

If you admire Button you got a reference
Please be patient ☆

Since STREETFIGHTER can not be mounted with Stem Nut, we use SYGN HOUSE 's NavigationMount and Moto Corse' s Universal mountBase, and the Wing stay is turned upside - down.

Fixation of LT - Q 6000 uses Tie Wrap, so it is not SMART, but it is fixed as it can be fixed firmly.
Previously, when I fell down using Handle Clamp Bracket, the Lap timer flew away from the Clip part, so it is easier to use Tie Wrap.

[Webike Monitor] It purchased together with


The goods here arrived in about two weeks of substance, although the delivery date was a thing with one-month delay. It can be used only by Motorcycle which has a through hole in the
> Stainless. It is better to measure the diameter of a through hole correctly. One hezagonal wrench can perform [ simply and ]
> attachment. Please check that there is no obstacle in the surroundings of a Stay.

QSTARZ LT-Q6000 was attached and -- and a defect with this serious Stay were revealed. Although the
> Stay is stubbornly fixable with a Bolt and a specific nut, as for attachment of QSTARZ LT-Q6000, only two Cable ties are. It cannot be!

It is dramatically uneasy to attachment of more than 40,000 yen equipment, and dissatisfied.

Although most persons think that they use it at a Circuit or a peak, as well as a fall, vibration of a Sports run is intense and the Race regulation by which the Cable tie is forbidden to fixation of the important part is also a certain forge fire. The
> Manufacturer copes with a mounting arrangement promptly, and hopes strongly that adjusted parts are recalled as a Recall.

Attached in addition to this may be legible although there is reflection of a screen (an antireflection Film is stretched to LT-Q6000 ?). A metal Stay and the worn-out crack are attached to the back side of
(2) LT-Q6000. Or [ that it is good for the Stay side to stretch a Felt and a Rubber board ].
was worrisome.

Although in play [ this ] brought a regrettable result, it is expected from Mr. Manufacturer's earnest correspondence!!!