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QUANTUM adalah manufaktur khusus suspensi asal UK yang menyediakan shock belakang berkualitas tinggi untuk sepeda motor yang melibas berbagai macam medan. Shock belakang QUANTUM memiliki ciri khas warna ungu dan hitam.

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I like performance as Suspension over OHLINS. However, the painted part is weak. The Anodized part is also badly faded, it is less than the Susuku of about 10,000 yen made in China.
Recommendation is for people who do not mind looking and only have good performance.

OHLINS's End eyeBush cracks in snow.
Moreover, it is impossible to exchange by oneself by press fitting, so we have to put it to Service.

If it is the end eye of Quantum, even if this Rubber Bush is at hand, it can be exchanged by yourself whenever it cracks.

Color was Exactly for Honda OEM.

[Webike Monitor] It had equipped with the Rear suspension of the
quantum, and since the Crack and the crack went into the Rubber Bush, it purchased. Although there is probably a portion which is not although it will be the
Rubber ... The
crack and a Crack are got too in ? hit half a year.
It is although incidentally written also by the Body side or the same thing... It does not change here... It will not say, if durable to a slight degree.
It is *3 つ in things as it is not too bad.

In oneself, although the engine performance is perfect, using and escaping is early compared with the thing of the other company.
The seal of a rod has deteriorated.
Since OHLINS was also used, I thought that he next wanted WP ^^

IINE!! The looks engine performance is the highest! Although it still runs and is the start, I would like to issue setting gradually.
absolute -- buying it -- it is -- !.

Aren't there many directions which worry about an ohlins or a quantum?
I am also the one person.
The selected reason is that Sas began to move by the power in which the quantum is smaller, and it heard for town riding since the stroke was also long.
actually equipping -- a few -- KETSU -- it had an impression [ go up ].
A difference is seldom felt in a flat portion however (tear), although it is a riding taste, in the level difference of the entrance of a highway crossing and convenience, etc., it is clearly different.
Although it is hard, is it touch are softly sticky?
If a regulation function will be used from now on, liking is likely to be made more.
I think that it should attach absolutely if even a money side can be taken into consideration.

Stickiness of the standup from a corner, sense of stability at the time of a bank.
It is very the highest about which.

Although it is here where unreasonably showy !! ohlins and pair are made first, I think that it has never lost also there efficiently.
Mine seemed to be OK although initial failure heard occasionally the opinion --.
It is high performance to the extent that it seems to be pitiful, if it compares that it is pure also about an important engine-performance side!! Although it was based on town riding usually, it turned out that an impact is eased also with the level difference of a foot walk when dropping in at convenience.
Although it is high goods, I think that it is one having appearance and the engine performance.