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Respro merancang dan memproduksi masker wajah untuk aktivitas sehari-hari mulai untuk berkendara dalam kota hingga balapan ekstrem. Respro juga menyediakan pakaian dan aksesoris racing Hi-Visibility.

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It purchases at a special price.

my case -- -- is it touch as Massey rather than doing nothing?
The admiration to which exhaust gas, dust, etc. are sticking to be sure is as it is, so that it purchases if I think that it is natural and considering a price the condition of important hay fever is not improved, although it is ...
Now, before purchasing this product, it is a measure of a from, and the disposable mask is carried out under the face mask for protection against the cold.
(Since this is not more stifling) Although I think that there is individual difference, in the direction out of which the condition of the itchiness of nasal mucus and eyes comes especially by change of air temperature (temperature), I think that an effect is unsatisfactory.

I bought it as a Mask that can be used even on Full Face and boiled and disinfected it for about 2 years or so.
In fact, it is difficult to use it subtlely if it is a full face, because there is not a fixation power on the nose side but connects behind the neck.
However, there are no other options...

The one I am using now seems to be gathered up with Kusa, with the Filter in it running out, and it has disappeared from the center part. I suppose that not only dirt from the outside but also saliva is obviously attached, I think that it lasted long in the abused environment.

In the past a little more, there seemed to be color variations ....

FOR JAPAN MODEL Agency No. 1 (As far as confirming company profile) I sold it in a certain place of
It becomes an impression of limited MODEL of olive green color.

Breath is easy for the look of appearance, and the effect of the filter is also firm
I was able to stay as a celestial person even though the surroundings are spinning snakes. (Of course, anti-allergic agent - Although it is a combination drug)

The disadvantage is that SizeChart is severe.
First of all, in the case of products made of polyester like this
In the size chart, please give priority to the dimension from the base of the nose to the chin point.
Whether my wearing method is wrong or saying that it is British domestic product
Is it because it fits the average body? - Since it was an intermediate value of M, it was set to L size
The submandible was empty. (It was a result because I became Don Pissha if I let down the chin guard of Met)

In addition, in the case of a helmet with no margin in its mouth, there is a possibility that space can not be secured and it can not be installed.
Also, if the cheekpiece is tightened it will be dragged down to the cheekpiece during installation
It is highly likely that you can not position (Especially if you are struggling SHOEI ? ? ? ? ? ? ? OGK first is Large durable).
Such a person is nalumask etc.. It seems that the thin material Material is better.

Magic tape did not work for Arai, Nolan, it was not able to use it fixed by Strap,
With SHOEI Z-7, you can secure it with Magic tape firmly in the interior, so even with you holding Glasses in one hand,
I was able to detach Helmet. Both Glasses and Shield have no signs of cloudiness at all.
Helmet is somewhat difficult to take off, as the parts of the nose pad are hard to tightly adjust, the performance is ☆ -1.
It is recommended for GlassesRider of Z-7User.

For GlassesRider, purchase to prevent fogging in Glasses, Shield in winter.
Plastic parts of the nose pad are hard and can not be adjusted to the shape of the nose.
It used to be a soft Gold Parts.
Magic tape fixed to Cheek Pad,
Because it does not stick to the interior of Arai, Nolan at all,
Before using it, it was impossible to install.
Arai, Nolan's User should not buy.

It attached to SHOEI GT-Air EXPANSE M Size.
I expected to see the review of the other people, but as expected the glasses are not cloudy.
I regret that I wish I knew it sooner.

Installation is made by Cheek Pad and Chin cover with Velcro (Surface Fastener - Magic tape) and I think that anyone can do it.
The Instruction Manual is translated just by being listed in the English version behind Package (Although there is nothing to enter here, even if you can not read the English version somehow it is easy to install Large as durable.

Since it has no effect unless it is attached to the nose and the cheek, it is necessary to adjust it by detaching it many times.
Well, once it is attached, there is nothing you can mess with, so please persevere with your thought that it is only the beginning.

There is no functional dissatisfaction point (I'm satisfied with Large) But, personally disappointing is
- Rub the face with a part that holds the nose when taking off the Helmet (It hurts and it hurts)
- Chin curtain becomes useless
It is like that.

Below is a point of note for those who are considering purchasing.

Attention is necessary because it can be used only for Full face because it is a product to fix with Cheek Pad and Chin cover.
The System helmet can be installed because it has a Chin cover, but you can not flip up.

Air will not flow into the mouth when Air ventilation is on Chin cover. (Defferential Gear Ro Star is Large Durable)

Chin curtain can be installed.
Just a nose - In order to keep the cheeks closed so that the breath does not go upwards and out and put the air out of the jaw, installing Chin curtain makes it quite stuffy. (Actual experience)

Use it when you expect it to be covered with waste Gas in the season of hay fever and traffic congestion.
It is easier to attach than to not attach it. There is no such thing as breathing is painful.
It is not a hassle because it is easy to detach it. If you remove Helmet, if you keep it even under the chin, you look like Bandana or Scarf, so you do not feel uncomfortable.
I do not know how much the dustproof effect will have yet, but this year's pollen Season has survived with this.
Also, the odor remaining in the back of the nasal cavity is also reduced, and I feel comfortable (There are individual differences as to whether or not you care) Once, I wash it with detergent, but I do not have Downs in particular, I can use it.
Overall, I think COSPA is expensive.