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bremboCasting, opposed 4 pods, 1 pcPin Caliper. Originally it is to prevent Pad from returning when Wheel in Race is exchanged during Race and to prevent the occurrence of time loss, but since Tension is applied in the direction that Pad opens from this shape, Pad separation is very good Then, unpleasant drag was solved. In addition, it reacts to Linear even for subtle input at the beginning of Brake's hand grip, making Brake operation fun. Pretty Recommendation.

Far from this Pad spring, Pad does not disturb the movement to return, because the Tension is hanging in the direction of Pad returning, the drag was resolved splendidly! It is especially recommended for those who are suffering from the same trouble.

We are considering relocation of electrical components, we purchased this product because the space can not be secured in the replacement type Catch tank of the OEMAir cleaner box currently on use.
The installation was also easy to understand Instruction Manual, parts were also precise and there was nothing wrong.
Because it is a car model exclusive item, the price is reasonable, but if you think that you do not need to process any further, it is within the range of satisfaction.

I wonder if Bearing or Oil Free Bush is in ShaftHolder of Change Pedal.

Mirror position is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It is symmetrical and there is no sense of incongruity in appearance. Adjustable clutch leverMounting Bolt's Pitch is 35. Because it is 5 mm, this item fits.

Fit my 1981 Suzuki GSX1100S Katana perfectly. Solid and heavy inner tube. Was considering re-chroming my stock rusty and stoned chipped tube but it cost more expensive and longer time then to buy a new set from Webike. Well packed, Reasonably price, Fast EMS delivery. Free Shipping what not to like.

Material : Because I am using Stainless Steel's Wire, I think it is harder to grow than OEM Parts Number and it is hard to cut. Is not it a high-priced item, is not it a bargain in the sense that it buys relief?.

Considering the strength aspect, I bought the product made by Polica.
Although Titanium coat is not up to SIDE, it is somewhat discreet shine, but it has a magical atmosphere.
Screw - I also purchased Packing at the same time.
Screw It is recommended to replace the packing to prevent damage to the hole.

It was installed in 1100SR for FOR JAPAN MODEL. Until now YRP 's ReleaseLever Kit only wearing the AssistClutchMotor was on while riding, but because Lever' s play can not be taken rather than heavy, Clutch was very far from difficult. (Neutral does not easily enter even if it stops) This time, we removed AssistMotor with this Lever purchase, and also exchanged the Wire with Gel of Oono Speed, it surprisingly got better Fe Ring improved as well.
It was also a pleasant miscalculation that it was easier to ride lightly than anything. I should have bought it sooner.